Oil, in particularvegetable oil provides several benefits to hair, especially dry hair.

So it's worth making them part of your hair routine.

If you have dry hair, the application of an oil becomes a real necessity.


How to recognize dry hair?

  •  Dry hair can be recognized by its dullcolor

With the scales open, the hair cannot reflect the light properly and therefore loses its shine.

In addition, insufficient sebum production is an obstacle to nourishing the fiber capillary.

The hair is then sad and devitalized.


organic dry hair oil



  • Dry hair is also rough to the touch

Without the sebum, which is a protective lipid film, the water in the hair evaporates.

The cuticle becomes detached, the scales are not smooth, which results in irregularities on the hair surface.

Because of this lack of moisture, the hair loses its texture and looks rough, like straw.


  • The appearance of tips split ends

Low keratin content weakens the internal structure of the hair.

Less solid, the tips start to split, the result: brittle hair.

In short, dry hair is hair that is poorly or inadequately nourished and dehydrated.


The importance of oil for dry hair

Dry hair can be caused by various factors such as genetics, external aggression, unsuitable products or poor nutrition.

In order to overcome these problems, good, intensive nutrition must be provided at fiber .

This is where the hair oil comes in.


oil for dry hair


By applying an oil to the lengths and tips, you take care of your hair and give it more vitality.

Here are the good reasons to use an oil for dry hair :

  • limit breakage and prevent split ends;
  • to give shine thanks to the nourishing properties of the oil;
  • to coat the fiber capillary in order to recover soft and supple hair;
  • to add substance to the hair.


Two oils for dry hair:

  • Avocado oil: very rich in fatty acids, this oil intensely nourishes and promotes hair growth
  • Coconut oil: perfect for dry and damaged hair, it penetrates deep into the hair fiber


Geisha oil by Biocoiff'.

One of the best oils for repairing dry and damaged hair isGeisha oil.

Biocoiff' offers you this marvellous organic and vegan oil, with many properties: moisturising, nourishing, sheathing and protective.

organic nourishing hair oil

Boicoiff' Geisha Oil is made from the camellia flower, the symbol of eternal youth for Geishas.

It is a dry, two-phase hair oil that can be used as a serum or as a deep treatment.

Use Biocoiff' Geisha Oil to strengthen, moisturise, nourish or simply beautify your dry hair.