Monoi oil has multiple properties for hair care. It is recognised for its nourishing and moisturising qualities. It restores strength and suppleness to dry hair and protects the hair against multiple aggressions. It can be used all year round for shiny hair and easy styling.


Monoi oil: beneficial for the hair

Monoi oil is obtained from the Tiaré flowerthe symbol of French Polynesia.

Tahitian women are well aware of its qualities in caring for their skin and beautiful hair.

To make it, you have to harvest the flower of the Gardenia tahitensis and then macerate it in Organic virgin coconut oil for about ten days.

Without an excellent vegetable oil, you will not obtain a quality Monoi oil.

monoi oil

Rich in fatty acids (omega 6 and 9), monoi oil is known for its emollient properties.

These include:

  • 13-19% myristic acid,
  • 8-10% palmitic acid,
  •  44-51% lauric acids.

It is also recommended for brittle, split or dull hair which will then regain strength and vitality.

The Tahitians use this very fragrant white coloroil for its hair care properties as well as for its pharmaceutical virtues.

It takes 40 coconuts to make one litre of Monoi oil.

To recognise a quality monoi oil, you can rely on the designation of origin: Monoi de Tahiti.

A distinction is made between pure monoi, containing at least 90% Polynesian monoi, and monoi oil, which is less concentrated, with a proportion ranging from 50 to 90%.


The benefits of monoi oil for the hair

Used as a hair treatment or balm, this oil will moisturise, repair and nourish the hair.

Not only do they look and feel more beautiful and shiny, but they also smell divine after being treated with this vegetable oil.

tahitian monoi oil

You can either leave it on overnight or spray it on as a mist to make styling easier or use it as a shampoo.

Monoi oil gives dull, dry, curly and frizzy hair a boost.

Tahitian women use it as is, to protect their hair from sea water and the sun's UV rays.

You can make a mask and leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing and washing your hair.

Monoi oil can also be used as a detangler.

It is up to you to find the most appropriate use for your needs.

You can combineMonoi oil with the other Biocoiff hair care and alternate with the aloe vera gel to moisturise the fiberhair.


How to use monoi on hair?

We have seen that monoi oil is very effective in caring for and beautifying the hair.

You can use it:

  • To treat tipsdryness and split ends

You moisten the hair after washing it with a conditioning shampoo.

Monoi oil will improve the texture of the fiberhair.

Alternatively, you can soak the lengths just before going swimming in the pool or sea to protect the hair from chlorine and iodine.

  • To repair and nourish the hair

You make a mask with which you coat the whole hair.

Leave in with a towel around your hair to restore suppleness, shine and shine.

vahine tiare monoï

You finish your treatment by carefully washing the hair to remove the excess oil.

This recipe has been tried and tested by Tahitian women who care for their beautiful hair in this way.

Monoi oil macerate naturally solidifies below 15°C.

This reaction is normal and has no effect on its properties.

To obtain a more liquid solution, simply heat it up in a water bath or microwave.


homemade care with Monoi oil to care for your hair.

  • Monoi oil butter :
  • 30 ml monoi oil
  • 20 ml shea butter

Mix these two ingredients in a bowl, then apply the monoi butter to the lengths.

Leave on for one hour before washing hair.

Store your preparation in a closed jar in a dark place.