New hair style: but what are the differences between Tie and Dye and highlight ?

There are small pleasures that count only for themselves.

And going to the hairdresser to fix your roots, take care of your lengths or simply change your style is part of it.

Nevertheless, if some women know exactly what they want, others are more hesitant and seek advice from their hairdresser in order to give themselves a makeover(and what could be more normal?!).

You may have heard of the tie and dye ?

But you may be wondering what the difference is between this Tie and Dye and the highlight ?

The answer lies simply in the technicality of the work.


What is a highlight ?

By definition, a highlight is bleaching part of your hair to obtain a color lighter than your natural color .

Bleaching is only done on the lengths and tips but not on the whole hair.

This technique will allow you to lighten your hair with finesse in order to bring highlights to the light .

Long sought after by customers, highlight remains in the current trend as the work of the tint allows to maintain a very natural effect while restoring shine to your dull hair.

highlight mineral example photo

Example of highlight by Biocoiff' Paris

An ideal choice for any haircut or hair type, highlight adds volume to straight hair with a flat tendency and depth to curly hair.

If you want a discreet and natural change but still want to brighten up your pretty face, highlight can meet your needs!


What is a Tie and Dye?

If the difference between Tie and Dye and highlight may seem difficult to perceive, it is because the former isactually a derivative of the latter.

Indeed, the Tie and Dye is inspired by the highlight technique as far as discolouration is concerned, but the latter is applied to all lengths and tips. The aim of this discolouration is to give a visual gradation of color.

If you opt for a Tie and Dye, the effect will be much more noticeable than with the highlight because the The difference in color between your roots and the rest is very pronounced.


In fact, bleaching can be up to 7 shades lower than your natural color so if you want a new, discreet look, you'll opt for highlight.

There is a version of the Tie and Dye for people who are more attracted to a very colourful line: the dip and dye.

Whatever your preference, the technique should be done on medium-length hair, at the very least, in order to observe the shade.


Bring the right care for your highlight or Tie and Dye

Both of these techniques should be performed on well-nourished hair, as imposed bleaching quickly weakens the fiber hair.

Hair highlight nourished

It is therefore important that you maintain a skincare routine with weekly repairing masks and regular trimming of your tips to restore a sense of volume.


Biocoiff' Paris recommendations

If the objective is not to obtain a color that is too different from your natural shade, we recommend that you opt for the highlight technique: more discreet, more natural, less artificial.

In addition, use the highlight Mineralmethod (or strands with clay).

More natural, less harmful to the hair and health, we offer this technique in all Biocoiff' & partner salons.


Some examples of highlight Mineral made at Biocoiff'.