After a color, some people experience problems with itchy scalps.

The use of coloring can indeed cause skin irritations in addition to all kinds of allergies.

These side effects can be treated easily and are not usually serious.

However, in order to avoid unpleasant adventures due to a simple coloring, it is better to opt for organic solutions.


What is the reason for this?

As with the body as a whole, the skin of the scalp can be sensitive to certain facts.

This may be due to the use of too many chemicals.

These can weaken the epidermal system, making it more sensitive.

When applying a coloring, a certain amount of time is usually required to bring out the desired color .

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However, the use of such products may not be suitable for everyone.

Before using it, make sure your scalp can handle it.

If not, you may have an itchy scalp after a color. The skin is irritated.

You should be aware that some hair dyes contain chemicals that can damage your scalp. These components can burn your skin if you are not careful.


Should I be concerned about itching?

Some products intended for the coloring hair contain allergenic components. Therefore, before applying a product to your entire scalp, it is best to perform a test to avoid any risk of allergy. You can also consult a professional.

Allergies are mild and rarely serious. However, it is best to remain vigilant if you decide to proceed with a coloring.

On the other hand, an itchy scalp after a color can be treated easily.

The use of specific shampoos may help.

This type of product has a neutral pH which helps to relieve irritation.

Apart from that, eat a healthy diet and massage your scalp from time to time.

This will allow the blood circulation to return to normal.


Promote colours plant-based Biocoiff'

The supporters of organic products only swear by plant-based coloring and there is reason to. Indeed, compared to products with chemical components, plant-based colors like those offered by Biocoiff are healthier.

There is little or norisk of itching or allergies. In addition, the use of this type of product has the advantage of caring for your hair while at the same time protecting your scalp.

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Thanks to the elements, your hair can be repaired and protected as well. Similarly, the virtues attributed to the natural elements allow the hair to have a more natural shine.

As these colorings are guaranteed entirely plant-based , they can therefore be suitable for a large majority of people. Moreover, even pregnant women can use it without fear.

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