Tie and dye is now one of the most popular hair trends for beautystas because of its unique visual effect.


What do you know about the tie and dye trend?

This fashion stands out for its adaptability to the fantasies of each one, since it consists in colouring the strands in a light or very pronounced tone from the mid-length to the tips.

Tie and Dye

However, tie and dye is best applied to long or medium-length hair, ideally with layered cuts to highlight coloring the .

Those with short hair will have to refrain to avoid a fashion faux-pas, because they will look neglected.


Le tie un dye, a trendy and sublime partial technique from coloring

For the record, tie and dye originated in the seventies in batik art.

It was very popular with the hippies, however, it was reserved for clothing and then decoration. It was only in 2012 that it entered the world of hairdressing.

The tie and dye was quickly adopted by the people and was a phenomenal success with fashionable women.

Its success lies mainly in the play of tones on the hair as it creates a more or less marked contrast with the natural color .

Pink Tie and Dye

This technique consists of dyeing the strands from mid-length to tips in a shade lighter than the natural color in order to giveit a gradient coloring .

This means that not all the hair is treated, which is practical because, unlike traditional colorings , it will not be necessary to do the roots when they grow back.

In addition, the shades are very varied depending on the desired effect.

This technique is also quick and easy to implement, even at home.

It can also be customised as you wish and, above all, it allows you to have sunny and sparkling shades all year round.


A timeless fashion that brings out all styles

Le tie and dye vous tente ? Mais vous avez peur qu’il ne mette pas votre style en valeur ?

Here are some arguments that should change your mind.

Above all, opting for a partialcoloring will allow you toadjust the degree of coloring according to your desires.

Blonde Tie and Dye

On the other hand, if you want to have lighter hair, do a tie and dye!

On the other hand, you can make your own coloring at home!

You can find many tutorials on the internet to help you achieve a perfect tie and dye.

Finally, if you're worried about missing your color, go to your hairdresser!


Is the tie and dye still relevant today?

Tie and dye was the fashion phenomenon not to be missed until a few years ago. Fashion designers have even made it reflected in their trendy clothes.

All the trendy women wanted an original tie and dye to have a natural hair with a golden or luminous look.

Today, showbiz personalities have abandoned it, in short, it has gradually disappeared from the fashion spotlight.

It has been superseded by other techniques that achieve more glamorous effects.


How can the same effects be achieved using natural solutions?

Tie and dye is now out of fashion and you want to switch to natural products for colouring and treating your hair.

Why not opt for dyes plant-based?

Their advantage is that they are natural and will not harm your skin and hair.

highlight mineral result Biocoiff' result

Les colorations naturelles apportent des reflets en plus d’un soin pour vos cheveux.

This technique is ideal if you have blonde hair with a few white hairs.

The product will cover your white hair and the result will be amazing.

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