At Biocoiff', no two clients have the same formula! When a new client comes to the salon, a history of her hair is taken and with a glance or a touch of the hair, the Biocoiff' team's biocolorists develop a plant-based formula (a mixture of several pigments). They then mix it with water and apply it.

coloring personalised bio in Paris

Sylvain, one of the Biocoiff' Saint-Germain hairdressers
creates a personalized color for a new client

A personalised diagnosis

Depending on the nature of the hair, the history of each hair, the habits and preferences of the woman and the color she wants, the diagnosis is not the same. A preliminary discussion with the hairdresser allows us to fully understand and take into account the hair's history before starting the intervention on the hair. Each hair has its own history and the nature of the hair differs according to different factors, some of which are genetic.

Hairdressers who "break their heads"!

As we know, a chemical color is quite simple to use: a series of numbered tubes to be mixed with an oxidant and then applied! A coloring is of a completely different nature, as it is important to respect the hair. To colour it carefully, the hairdresser's skills must enable him or her to find the most suitable formula. This requires both experience and patience. Sometimes it takes a mixture of 3 to 4 different plant pigments to achieve the desired color in consultation with the customer. The parameters that come into play in acoloring are the mixture of the different pigments, their dosages, the method of application and the application time. Obviously, this artisanal approach justifies a longer application time than the application of a chemical color in a traditional salon. At Biocoiff, everything is done to ensure your well-being during this time dedicated to your beauty. The hairdresser shares the satisfaction of his client at the moment of drying, when the color is revealed and the hair reveals its splendour.

A personalised "Hair Beauty" profile that is carefully preserved

Each new client benefits from a personalised "Hair Beauty" profile collected on a confidential file which will be consulted before any treatment during the following sessions. Her expectations will be mentioned there

In the following video, a customer expresses her satisfaction after her first session at coloring :

New: the color Biocoiff' box

For those who live far from Paris, or who are unable to visit one of our Biocoiff' salons, there is a new personalised solution adapted to their needs: the box color.
Following a personalised online diagnosis, your color is developed remotely and you can order your personalised color Biocoiff' box to receive all the equipment you need to apply your color easily at home.