Dry hair, oily hair, normal hair... Your hair may lack moisture.

Is your hair rough, dull and split? In short, your hair is dry and brittle.

To care for and treat fiberhair, here are our tips with 100% organic care products.


Why does hair become dry and brittle?

Let us start by distinguishing two cases.

There is such a thing as naturally dry hair and hair that becomes dry.

However, the cause is the same, namely a lack of sebum which weakens the hair.

This lipidic film of the hair is secreted by the sebaceous glands.

Dehydrated hair

When this is missing, the hair no longer retains water.

The scales spread and it becomes dehydrated.

This process can be aggravated by frequent exposure to heated appliances, the sun or an aggressive environment.

Chlorinated swimming pool water,sea water, pollution and wind affect fiberand weaken the keratin that makes up 95% of the hair.

This natural protein gives the hair its suppleness and elasticity and protects it from the aggressive elements.

A lack of keratin will transform the texture of the hair and change its constitution.

It becomes rough, dull and brittle.

Blow-drying, going to the beach or taking care of your hair doesn't have to be a choice.

It is entirely possible to reconcile your desires with good hair practice and the right products.

It is all a question of method.  


Get rid of sulphates, parabens and other sulphates...

Washing products and hair care products containing sulphates, parabens or silicones are double-edged weapons.

Nourish and moisturize hair

While shampoos filled with chemical surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate andAmmonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), wash and lather thoroughly, but they irritate the scalp and can damage the hair follicle by depleting the keratin.

It isbest to avoid them when practising coloring, as they cause the colours to bleed.

Silicones are not better for the hair.

On paper they will coat the hair, close the scales, make it shinier and protect it from thermal shock or limescale.

However, if used excessively, they tend to smother the fiberhair, lead to overproduction of sebum and theappearance of dandruff, and even slow down hair growth.

Finally, parabens are not getting much better press.

They are said to cause endocrine disruption, allergies and potential carcinogens.

For all these reasons, we strongly recommend the use of organic hair care products and natural shampoos to preserve the hair's balance and structure.


Pre-shampoo care for dry hair

Now that you know the causes and the products to avoid to take care of your very dry hair, you don't have to stay with dirty hair!

Even if a sebum treatment can sometimes be useful.

On a daily basis, you will have to replace certain actions and products and choose others.

Starting with the oils plant-based for a pre-shampoo.

Sensitised long damaged hair

To nourish and moisturize hair, take a cue from Tahitian women who usemonoi oil to treat it.

You can also test the properties of oils plant-based such as castor oil orcoconut oil.

They are applied by concentrating on the tips and lengths.

Leave it on for at least 30 minutes before rinsing the hair and then shampooing.

To nourish and moisturise dry hair, you can also make a mask using a rose or jasmine balm.

You can alternate with a vegetable oil bath.

Leave your hair mask on for half an hour, wrapping a towel around your hair.

In our salons, our hair specialists can fit it under a helmet to increase the penetration of the treatment agents into the fiberhair.


Washing hair with an organic shampoo for fragile hair

Before you grab your shampoo, ask yourself if this is the right time!

There is no need to wash hair more than twice a week.

Even the mildest shampoos remove sebum.

We slow down and even try to wash once a week so as not to irritate the scalp and to respect the fibercapillary.

Aloe vera shampoo is recommended for dehydrated hair and the calendula shampoo recommended for very dry hair.

If you prefer solid shampoos, you can opt for the lemon and jojoba oil shampoo.

Dry hair

Aloe vera not only moisturises the hair but also boosts its growth.

Jojoba oil, rich in vitamin E, is also very effective in revitalising the hair.

Its regenerating properties make it your ally in treating brittle hair.


Choosing the right conditioner

Once your hair is washed, it's time to think about conditioner.

Moisturising, repairing and strengthening, organic conditioners are applied from the tip to the root, combing the lengths with the fingers to separate the strandsand slide out the knots.

You can choose between a ylang-ylang conditioner which will make detangling easier.

Dab your hair with a terry towel before applying it to promote its full benefits.

You can leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Rinse and it will leave your hair soft and silky.


Drying and styling

Then let them air dry as much as possible before finishing with a blow dry or straightening.

Avoid staying too long on a strandand prefer lower temperatures.

Hair care

Also use wide-tooth combs and bamboo brushes.

For styling, feel free to use dry geisha oil.

Packaged as a spray, it is applied to the lengths and tipswhen brushing.

Based on magnolia flower, it will discipline the hair, moisturize it and make it shine.

Avoid elastics and tight hairstyles.

Alternate buns, braids and tails if you have long hair.

Choose clip-in extensions if you want to add volume to short hair.

Curly hair and dry hair are even less appreciative than other hair of being exposed to heat and breakable hairstyles.

In the summer, take extra care by moisturising them thoroughly so that they do not suffer from UV rays.

Remember thatsea water is also aggressive and drying.


The coloringson dry hair

Having dry hair doesn't mean you have to deny yourself the latest trends color.

The coloringsplant-based will allow you to beautify your hair or mask grey hair while taking care of it.

Based on Ayurvedicand dye plants, they do not alter the fiberhair.

On the contrary, they will feed it.

Simply, if you have never experienced the benefits of this method of coloringor highlight, you will start by detoxifying the hair with a clay mask shampoo.

Soft shiny hair

It removes all residues left by traditional products.

It rids the hair of silicones and surfactants that have attached themselves over the course of washing.

After a coloringyour hair is soft, smooth and shiny.

The coloringsplant-based can be applied to light or dark hair.

Take advice from experts in coloring.

Our hairdressers welcome you in their salons and advise you on how to care for your dry hair on a daily basis.