An allergic reaction on the scalp often causes itching and other troublesome symptoms. It may be caused by allergy It may be due to the dye you use to mask your grey hair. Don't worry about your grey hair with coloring and color .


Grey hair and coloring and color

Made from 100% plant pigments, coloring has no side effects.

It does not cause allergies, itching or eczema.

Indeed, the dye used in this coloring comes from dye plants such as henna, indigo, hibiscus...

This vegetable dye allows you to cover up grey hair naturally and without any risk to the health of your scalp.


coloring vegetal grey hair


In addition, vegetable dyeing of grey hair offers a real protective care to the fiber hair.

It is non-aggressive, unlike the chemical colorings .

It strengthens, softens and gives volume to the hair.


Why does hair turn grey?

Generally, grey hair starts around the age of 40.

It occurs when hair turns white due to the loss of melanin which gives the hair color .

The primary cause of hair greying is ageing.

grey-white hair dye

As we age, the body's production of melanin decreases.

And once the melanocytes have used up all their melanin, the hair that grows is depigmented and turns white.

Heredity, i.e. the question of genetics, can also be the cause of grey hair.

There are also other reasons such as diseases (vitiligo, pernicious anaemia, etc.), stress, smoking or obesity.


The coloring plant and grey hair

There is no turning back for canitis or the appearance of grey hair.

However, it is possible to hide them by using coloring.

In order not to accelerate the process of canitisation, it is best to usecoloring on grey hair.

A coloring plant-based product provides 100% coverage of white hair, even if it represents the entirety of your hair.

The advantage of using coloring is that you can create a tailor-madecolor that matches the natural color of the hair.

Application coloring

In addition, the roots are less visible during regrowth.

This coloring on grey hair not only covers the grey hair, but also heals the fiber hair.

It becomes smoother, shinier and more supple.

Biocoiff', specialist in coloring for 15 years now, offers colorings plant-based certified COSMEBIO and Vegan.

With a natural result, without unsightly effects, Biocoiff' colours are effective in hiding grey hair.

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