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Ombre hair : tout savoir sur ce dégradé de couleur

L’ombré hair n’a pas ménagé ses effets pour se faire remarquer. On ne voit que lui ou presque sur les terrasses. Voilà bien la preuve que beaucoup ont osé les racines foncées avec les pointes décolorées avec un résultat, disons-le, pas toujours au top. Cette technique de décoloration mérite du doigté et on vous explique [...]

5 tips for taking care of your hair in summer

We love summer and so does our hair. If the wind, the sea and the UV rays harm our hair and our colours, the sun stimulates highlights and the heat favours the blood circulation of the scalp. Summer is the ideal time to take care of our hair with adapted care to pamper it. Hair [...]

FAQ coloring Plant

Do you want to switch to coloring but are still unsure? You will find all the answers to your questions here. 1- I have just ordered a box from coloring in Paris. I would have liked to switch in two stages, is this possible? Your formula is designed according to your needs.

How to maintain your hair with the arrival of spring?

With the arrival of spring, a breath of fresh air takes hold of nature: it's the right time to look after your hair! At Biocoiff', we have developed a "spring" hair routine to boost your hair, because it's well known that hair is maintained like a plant in the garden! Respect the growth cycle of your hair More [...]

Biocoiff' switches to 100% green energy

The Biocoiff' brand is taking its environmental commitment even further by switching to 100% green energy. Indeed, in order to continue its ecological transition, Biocoiff' has decided to enter into a new partnership with Planète OUI, the energy supplier made in France. What is green energy? We often hear about green energy, but what is it?

What is the difference between strands and highlight ?

Would you like to brighten up your color or give your basic color more depth? You can opt for strands or highlight. However, these two hair techniques will not have the same effect on your hair. To make things a little clearer, find out the difference between strands and highlight. strands and [...]

How to catch up with a highlight that is too yellow?

Have you just had your hair bleached, but it doesn't meet your expectations? Or worse, it gives you yellowed highlights ? Discover the best solutions to make up for a too yellow highlight . Definition First of all, here's a quick reminder of what a highlight is: it's a hair bleaching technique, strand [...]

A highlight with clay on henna: is it possible?

The highlight natural clay is a very good alternative to chemical bleaching. It is a technique that allows you to lighten your hair without damaging it and drying it out. However, in order to obtain beautiful highlights, it is necessary to have made a quality coloring . The different types of colorings plant-based The coloring 100% plant-based [...]

Where to make a highlight chatain?

The highlight chestnut and especially the highlight light chestnut is THE new hair trend for the last few years. Celebrities are crazy about this hair technique, which is more discreet than strands and coloring . If we often hear about highlight blond, you should know that highlight chestnut is a must try. What is a [...]