Do you want to give your hair a sun-kissed look? Make an appointment with your hairdresser and ask for a mineral highlight .

You will be seduced by the result!

What is highlight ?

The technique of highlight

The highlight mineral is a natural and subtle partial discoloration technique.

This technique gives the hair a shine and enhances a cut.

Indeed, during a highlight the professional applies the product only on the lengths and tips by taking large separations.

The result is more natural with the highlight technique, which is the ideal way to give your hair a very luminous effect.

If you want a sunburn effect, go for the highlight !

highlight mineral result Biocoiff'

The particularity of highlight

In terms of technique, the natural mineral highlight is carried out in the same way as the classic highlight , the difference lies in the composition of the products used.

In contrast to the classic model, the natural highlight does not damage the fiber hair or weaken the scalp .

The natural bleaching powder is free of chemical ingredients.

Very gentle, highlight is clay-based and contains no PPS, SLS, EDTA, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Paraben or Sodium Persulfate.

highlight natural result Biocoiff'

Indeed, it is mainly composed of mineral agents: silica - diamond powder - white clay.

The results of highlight on blond or brown hair

As for the results, the highlight mineral gives a silky and very natural look to the hair, regardless of its colour.

With this method it is possible to lighten up to 6 tones.

The highlight is used to lighten blond or brown hair to give it shine and a sun-kissed effect.

Finally, this practice can be applied to all types of hair, whether straight, wavy or even frizzy.

The difference between a highlight and strands !


What is the difference with a classic highlight ?

A mineral highlight offers the double effect of changing the color of the hair and at the same time giving them a real care.

The hair comes out soft, not dried out and glowing.

A classic highlight opens the hair scales to strongly discolour the natural pigments of the hair, thus damaging it.

highlight Biocoiff' blonde

Conversely, the mineral technique will gently bleach thehair to minimize sensitivity .

The hair is less stressed and therefore less damaged.

A wide range of shades is available and can be applied to both light and dark hair.

A mineral highlight can be performed on hair that has already undergone a coloring, even if it is chemically based.

highlight Biocoiff' mineral

Once achieved, its maintenance is equivalent to highlight .

In conclusion, it can be said that the highlight mineral will restore luminosity to dull hair.

He will do this with respect for the hair, without drying it out or breaking it. The final appearance will be perfectly natural and luminous.

After a mineral highlight , it is advisable to use a Ylang-Ylang conditioner or a balm.

The highlight with white clay is one of the many services offered by the colour experts of the Biocoiff' salon.

You will love it