The highlight chestnut and especially the highlight light chestnut is THE new trend for the last few years on hair.

Celebrities love this more discreet hair technique than strands and coloring .

If we often hear about highlight blond, you should know that highlight chestnut is a must try.


What is a highlight ? Bleaching your hair

The highlight consists of a partial discolouration spread over ultra fine strands .

It allows you to obtain shades of color and a maximum of highlights.

It is a solution to warm up hair in a subtle way.

It gives the hair a boost and highlights the haircut by blending the colours into the original color .

This method is suitable for all hair types: on curly hair it creates depth, and on thin hair it adds volume.


highlight light brown


The advantage of highlight is that it provides a more natural result.

In addition, the roots are less visible with highlight, unlike with other techniques at coloring.

Also, it gives anicely contrasted color .

And finally, it is easy to maintain, so requires little care.


The highlight chestnut on your hair

This technique is an ideal option for brightening or lightening brown hair.

The highlight light chestnut gives new life to a color that has become dull.

You can therefore choose shades that lighten slightly.

The trick is to find a beautiful shade that suits your skin tone and complements your face.

Hair with a light brown highlight : from blond to honey-coloured highlights

One or two lighter tones can be used to create contrast.

The lighter you choose color , the more contrasting the highlight light brown will be.

For example, your choice may be light copper or dark blonde.


highlight mineral on chestnut hair Biocoiff' result Biocoiff' result

highlight for dark hair: from hazelnut to copper

For dark brown hair, a highlight with hazelnut or copper-coloured highlights would be perfect to give the complexion more light.

Dark brown hair is given a golden caramel or even honey shade.


Make a Biocoiff' mineral highlight for chestnut hair

In order to give your hair some liveliness, treat yourself to a highlight mineral by a professional biocolorist like Biocoiff'.

You can get the same results as a classic highlight but without damaging your hair.

highlight mineral clay in paris example 1 Biocoiff' result

The highlight uses biological minerals such as clay .

It does not contain PPS, SLS, EDTA, Ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, Sodium persulfate.

In conclusion, it respects the texture of your hair while providing shimmering highlights and a gourmand color .

The hair is not damaged or dried out.

Give your chestnut hair some shine and luminosity by opting for a mineralhighlight at Biocoiff'.