If you don't have the time or inclination to curl your hair with a curling iron, here are 3 simple solutions for beautiful curls in a natural way.

To avoid perming and harmful products that damage the structure of the hair and for those who don't have an iron on hand and don't want to damage their hair with high heat, there are solutions to create beautiful curls naturally and without weakening the hair.

1. Curl her hair with a headband

You will need: a cloth hairband, a comb and a spray that you will fill with water.

Realization :

  • If it's the first time, you might spend a little time. You will see that afterwards, with practice, it is a simple and quick method.
  • Simply place your headband over your forehead like a sports headband.
  • Then proceed to the next step, which is to lightly moisten your hair with the spray.

Curling headband hair without heat

  • You will then draw a central parting to separate the hair and make it easier to work each strand.
  • Then simply smooth a strand with your comb and roll it onto the headband.
  • Proceed as follows strand after strand on both sides of the head.
  • You will just have to let it dry (about 1h30).

You can also make this preparation before bedtime and appreciate the result in the morning when you get up. The advantage of the headband is that it is flexible and can be supported on the pillow unlike rollers.

Our tip: usemineral water instead of tap water to avoid limescale.

Here's a way to curl your hair without iron that's economical, easy to do and gentle on your hair!

2. Curl her hair with a simple bottle

You'll need: a plastic bottle, a box cutter and a hair dryer.

Realisation: don't throw away your last bottle of water! It will be useful to make your hair wavy and be ready for the party quickly!

  • With your cutter, you will make an opening in the upper third of the bottle.
  • You will then work strand after strand by inserting each of them into theopening of the plasticbottle and positioning the nozzle of the hair dryer in this opening.

Waving your hair without a curling iron

  • All you have to do is turn on your dryer to see your strand form an incredibly natural loop.

Our tip: as heat is not desirable for the hair, you should consider applying a treatment to tips and only use this method occasionally.

3. Create pretty mats for beautiful curls

To curl your hair without iron and not to damage it, you can always create pretty braids the way Laura Ingalls does in The little house on the prairie (do you remember?).

It's easy and if you have very long hair, it can be a great occupation to spend an evening with your girlfriends!

You'll need: soft rubber bands and a comb.

Curling hair without heat

Realization :

  • make the braids in the desired wave pattern.
  • For large waves, you will make two braids, but if you want a tighter and more frizzy result, you can make mini braids all over your head.
  • Do this on slightly damp hair, keep your braids long enough (1 to 2 hours or overnight) for a perfect result!

If you want video help: click here!

Notre astuce en plus : n’oubliez pas de nourrir vos pointes avec une huile végétale pour les protéger !