For hundreds of years, black soap has been used for body care and even for home maintenance. You will be able to discover the different virtues of this black soap used for centuries by women.


What is black soap?

First of all, a distinction should be made between the two types of black soap.

The first is generally used for home maintenance and is composed of linseed oil and glycerine.

black soap virtues

The second type is what is generally used for skin care and is made from olive oil, macerated in salt and potash.


Skin preservation

To keep your skin healthy, the body itself has built up its own defences.

Indeed, the epidermis is covered with a hydrolipidic film which allows sweat to be secreted and thus protects the skin.

The active ingredients in black soap protect the skin against various external aggressions.


Exfoliating the skin

This centuries-old soap can be used to remove dead skin cells.

Indeed, the salt present in the potash allows the removal of all dead skin and the various imperfections of the epidermis.

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Also, black olives are rich in linoleic acid, oleic acid, potassium and vitamin E. You will be able to have a smooth and clear skin after applying the soap.


Cleaning the skin

Black soap is known for its virtues, notably that it is very mild and can be used every day as a shower gel.

However, for this type of use, it would be better to dilute the soap with a little water.

For pure soap, it is often advisable to store it in a plastic box in a cool place.


Scalp cleaning

No need to buy chemicals to clean your hair that can irritate your scalp.

black soap virtues

You can make your own shampoo with black soap, baking soda (about 50 g for both) and 1 litre of water.


Treating acne

Black soap is a powerful antibacterial that helps to soothe the skin and various skin rashes.

You can say goodbye to acne and blackheads for good. Make it a habit to constantly cleanse your skin with black soap.


A hand softener

Black soap also has softening properties as it leaves a nice soft feeling after washing your hands.

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So remember to clean your hands often with black soap and warm water and they will become softer than a baby's hands.


An effective anti-wrinkle

The vitamin E contained in black soap is effective in combating skin ageing.

Indeed, this soap improves the removal of dead cells on both the body and the face.