Why should you choose paraben-free hair care products?

Paraben-free hair care products are undoubtedly excellent for the health of your hair, but not only that...

Parabens are chemicals that are used in shampoos as preservatives. The purpose of their use is to prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the products. Although their presence is therefore positive, the reality seems different.


The first controversy arose in 2004, when a study denounced the use of parabens as responsible for theappearance of breast cancer. This substance has been suspected of being an endocrine disruptor for several years.

paraben is harmful to healthIt would seem, therefore, that general health is achieved through hair health !

This is why health experts now recommend using paraben-free shampoos. In addition, some people are more sensitive to parabens than others, and may develop allergic reactions. We therefore believe that quality hair care products should be guaranteed to be paraben-free.
Please note that in the composition of shampoos, parabens can also be called hydroxy benzoate.

To go further, a consumer association reveals more than 400 dangerous cosmetic products.


Biocoiff' paraben-free hair care products for all hair types

Biocoiff' products are paraben-free, sulphate-free and silicone-free hair care products. They are natural care products, which will respect the sensitivity of your hair and your skin. Our balms, gels and masks are 100% natural and organic, and we guarantee transparency on the composition of our products.

As well as being gentle on your hair and your health, our products also have a pleasant, non-chemical smell.

Discover Biocoiff products without parabensMoreover, at Biocoiff', as organic hair specialists, we have developed products adapted to all hair types. So, whether you have dry, oily, dehydrated, dandruff-prone or simply normal hair, you will find the products that will suit your hair and keep your hair shiny and healthy!



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