UFC-Que choisir strongly urges public authorities to act quickly to withdraw undesirable cosmetic products from sale. Indeed, these products contain dangerous substances, in particular endocrine disruptors.

Some time ago, almost 400 undesirable cosmetic products were reported. At present, the number is unfortunately higher. According to an update of this list of products containing dangerous substances by UFC-Que choisir, it would amount to more than 1000.

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Why is there such an increase in unwanted cosmetics?

Increase in undesirable cosmetic products that cause allergies. By inference, one might think that the public authorities are not reacting. However, the problem is much broader. The association has identifiedother substances of concern that some cosmetics contain. They can cause allergies, irritationsIn addition, it identified almost 23 products with so-called "prohibited" components in market salewithout any restrictions.

Dangerous cosmetic products on sale over the counter!



UFC-Que choisir reacts immediately!

The association called for the immediate withdrawal of these 23 undesirable cosmetic products. It based its request on the "unlawful" nature of these methods. It also asked the European Commission to publish a more precise definition of endocrine disruptors by including the components that are suspected to be endocrine disruptors.

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The endocrine disruptor causes undesirable effects on the human body, particularly on the hormonal system Almost two years after a promised response date, the European Commission had finally suggested a definition that qualifies what endocrine disruptor It is now considered by the latter as a substance that causes adverse effects on the human bodyincluding on the hormonal system.

Unfortunately, this rewritten definition was criticised by some EU Member States, including France. It appears to be imprecise and was therefore not passed. At present, all attempts to get the text approved have failed.