Hibiscus, a flower from Africa known as "Guinea sorrel", is a plant naturally rich in virtues that take care of our skin and hair.

It has moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties that make it an essential ally for our daily beauty and well-being.

In India, it is frequently used to treat the skin and eliminate dandruff.


Hibiscus: a flower to moisturise the skin

The sugars in hibiscus moisturise the skin.

This is why cosmetics manufacturers use the flower to make an oil from its seeds.

It is rich in essential fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, which nourishes dry, devitalized and weakened skin.

It is involved in the creation of ceramides, which form the skin's protective barrier.

Hibiscus skin

It also allows water to be better absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, forming a very thin film on the skin that attracts water.

As a virgin oil, it also works wonders on the hair.

In addition, its non-greasy and odourless texture allows it to be easily incorporated into cosmetic products.

Solutions to moisturise your skin naturally.


Hibiscus oil to brighten up dull complexions

The richness of vitamin C and polyphenols in this flower gives it antioxidant properties.

It can thus protect the upper layers of the skin by capturing free radicals and neutralising them.

A hibiscus cream helps the skin to rid itself of dead skin cells, often the cause of a dull complexion, and promotes collagen production, giving the skin greater elasticity.

The complexion is more radiant and looks younger.


To strengthen your hair? Hibiscus oil!

Hibiscus is also an ally of the hair. It stimulates hair growth and prevents the formation of split ends.

Its oil is used to make masks that rid the scalp of dead cells and thus of dandruff.


Hibiscus hair benefits


How to have beautiful hair? Simple tips that you can implement quickly!

It is very simple to make your own hibiscus flower lotion by infusing two tablespoons of dried flowers in half a litre of hot water for about ten minutes.

After filtering, the resulting infusion can be used as a rinse water to strengthen the hair and make it shiny.

This preparation also tightens the scales of the fiber hair.