It's undeniable that our skin ages from year to year and the cosmetics market is full of (mostly chemical) cosmetic products that claim to work miracles on our skin. But let's face it: chemicals have harmful effects.

The solution is to look to nature, as it is full of all the elements we need to give our skin a flawless glow. Check out my 5 favourite natural ingredients!


  1. Acerola: This is a cherry from Latin America that has the ability to scavenge free radicals. It is also known to be a very effective remedy for many of the symptoms of aging on the skin. Experts believe that acerola can stimulate collagen production and slow down the aging process.


  1. Seaweed: is a plant that is very rich in trace elements, amino acids and minerals. Algae have preventive and restorative properties against ageing. Whether seaweed is found in the sea or in fresh water, it all has the same properties for the skin.


  1. The rose: the rose is what you might call a beauty staple. Indeed, it can be found in several products, but there is nothing like using it in its natural state. It has toning properties, especially for mature skin. Very rich in anti-ageing active ingredients, it helps to boost cell repair, but also helps to care for sensitive skin.


  1. Royal jelly : this is a real cocktail of nutrients and fortifiers which has a perfect effect on the elasticity of the skin. It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen and even has virtues for the hair.


  1. Argan : this natural ingredient comes from a Moroccan tree which has repairing properties on wrinkles and fine lines. It is therefore a perfect ingredient for anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, nail care, etc.

All these plants are processed by cold pressing or otherwise and that is why these ingredients have so many virtues. So, to succeed in your care, I advise you to use these ingredients, reputed for their properties and for that, you must keep them in mind when choosing your cosmetic products :).

A bientôt ! <3