The well-being of the hair also depends on the proper hydration of the fiber hair. A vegetable oil The use of a vegetable oil can deeply moisturise the hair, especially for the most sensitive hair. dry hair.

Biocoiff' presents a rare gem, the result of 2 years of research: geisha oil.


Why use a hair oil to moisturise your hair?


To restore vitality to your hair, use moisturizing oils plant-based.

They are effective for all hair types, especially if you have dryhair.

Without deep nourishment and hydration, dry hair becomes brittle and dull.

When it is of good quality, hair oil provides protective care against external aggressions.

A hair oil gives you beautiful, luminous hair and prevents it from drying out.

It makes it easier to detangle your hair and strengthens the fiber capillary.


oil to moisturise the hair


Better nourished, the hair gains in density and suppleness.

Thehair moisturising oil also cares for the scalp by intensively moisturising it, which promotes hair growth.

Using a hair oil is simply good for your mane.


The virtues of Geisha oil by Biocoiff' to moisturise your hair


Dry and dehydrated hair requires a special care routine, given its fragility.

To help you beautify your hair, Biocoiff' offers you Geisha oil.

It is an excellent oil for moisturising the hair.

This is an organic, vegan and biphasic dry hair oil.

This means that it nourishes, moisturises and at the same time protects the hair from dehydration.

It coats the fiber hair to give it hold and volume.


Certified organic Geisha hair oil


Thanks to this unique formula, very dry and dull hair will regain its shine and softness.

The special feature of Biocoiff' Geisha oil is its composition with camellia flower.

This flower, with its moisturizing and nourishing properties, grows in the fertile, volcanic soil of Jeju.

It is considered the beauty secret of Japanese women, who have used it for thousands of years.

Its richness in fatty acids gives it a protective role against hair ageing.


You can use it Geisha oil as a hair mask to deeply nourish; or apply a small amount to tips to strengthen and coat your hair.

Do you want your hair to be shiny and silky? Opt for the organic Geisha hair oil from the Biocoiff' range.