To be able to discipline and maintain frizzy hair, there are some essential tools.

In order to be able to distribute the different styling products on your hair in the best possible way, it is best to use a spray bottle. This accessory allows you to distribute the product evenly and can also be used with water as a humidifier. It is also advisable to use styling tongs to brush the hair. By separating the hair mass into several sections you can be more effective.


Accessories for brushing and maintaining frizzy hair How to brush and maintain frizzy hair?

When brushing frizzy hair, you need several types of combs and brushes to avoid damaging your hair and to get a satisfactory result, regardless of its length.

For example, it is recommended to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair without breaking it, whether it is dry or wet. The afro comb can also be used to loosen the roots and to shape your hairstyle. Specially designed for frizzy hair, it will bring volume and lightness to your afro cut.

In order to detangle your hair and to style your hair, especially when tying it up, it is best to use a boar bristle brush so that the hair can be pressed well against the head without damaging it. The tangle teezer is also a recommended brush as it allows you to detangle all hair types in record time and with less breakage. It is particularly ergonomic and can be used on both wet and dry hair.


Accessories for drying and maintaining frizzy hair Choose the right linen for drying and care of frizzy hair!

Finally, to care for frizzy hair, it is important to use appropriate cloths.

To dry your hair after shampooing, the highly absorbent microfibre towel is your faithful ally. It saves you time when you dry your hair later. If you don't have a microfibre towel, you can use a t-shirt for drying. A silk scarf is also a practical accessory.


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