With the arrival of spring, a breath of fresh air takes hold of nature: it's the right time to look after your hair!

At Biocoiff', we have developed a "spring" hair routine to boost your hair, because it's well known that hair is maintained like a plant in the garden!

Respect the growth cycle of your hair

More light, more sunshine, we want to free our hair from caps and hats so that it can benefit from this renewed energy and feel healthy.

Springtime is often synonymous with hair loss: a normal phenomenon.

The life cycle of the hair alternates between anagen (hair growth) and telogen (resting) phases.

Spring hair care

During the anagen phase, the hair grows or regrows, causing the old hair to fall out.

It usually occurs in autumn and spring.

It can be caused by :

  • Increased brightness has a direct effect on hormones
  • Stress, fatigue, a change in diet, a psychological shock, etc.
  • Impurities that concentrate in the follicles and "clog up" the fiber capillary.

Hair is like a plant. To promote growth, it needs a healthy, well-nourished and aerated scalp.

Female hair in plants

Instead of the hoe and the soil, you get out your best comb and the right products.

Detoxify, moisturise, strengthen: the Biocoiff' routine to maintain your hair in spring

To nourish and provide the hair with everything it needs to regenerate in the spring, the Biocoiff' routine includes :

  • Detoxify and cleanse the hair in depth by using a toning shampoo mask with nettle or a shampoo mask with 3 clays. Specially formulated by Biocoiff', this clay treatment eliminates the occlusive residues left by traditional hair products (frequency: once every two months)


  • Moisturise the scalp to encourage regrowth and coat the fiber hair using a treatment such as aloe vera gel

Woman maintains her hair

  • Tone the scalp and energize the hair with Rose Mist. It can be used "without moderation" on dry hair to facilitate styling or as a conditioner to detangle it more easily.


  • Strengthen the hair's keratin once a month with rose or jasmine balm masks or a geisha oil treatment, depending on the hair's nature and needs.

Seasonal hair loss in spring does not exceed three months.

With a healthy lifestyle and regular hair care, your hair will look great for the beautiful days.