The coloring allows you to change the color of your hair or simply to hide grey hair. Faced with the harmfulness of ammonia, brands have created ammonia-free formulas. But is coloring ammonia-free really effective and safe? How long does an ammonia-free coloring last?


Beware of the green washing of ammonia-free dyes

The coloring without ammonia is a permanent coloring .

The duration coloring without ammonia is the same as coloring with.

But beware: the indication " coloring without ammonia" does not mean much.

Indeed, this type of coloring is still chemical, as it contains active chemicals that are just as dangerous for your health.

The laboratories manufacturing these hair dyes have just replaced ammonia with another similar component to open the scales of the fiber hair: monoethanolamine.


coloring without ammonia


Although the smell of this chemical is more pleasant, it is less effective.

To obtain a satisfactory result, the resorcinol (dye) must be very concentrated, and the application time of the coloring must be longer.

There is a risk that nitrosamines will be formed. A coloring without ammonia is therefore not recommended.


The best alternative: the 100% vegetable coloring

To remove any doubts about the products you use and their harmful effects, opt for a plant-basedcoloring .

It contains only vegetable ingredients, in most cases the plants are organically grown.

Henna powder, dye plants and ayurvedic plants make up a plant-based coloring .

It is therefore more respectful of your health and the planet.


coloring without ammonia


A coloring is therefore free of chemicals that can damage your hair and irritate your scalp.

It would also prevent you from developing allergies or even serious diseases such as bladder cancer.


The duration of coloring over time: an ammonia-free dye

The duration of the coloring plant is equivalent to the duration coloring without ammonia.

This means that the vegetable dye lasts perfectly well over time. Do you want to know why?

This is a gentle method, with a fairly long exposure time.

coloring natural

This allows the plant pigments to coat the fiber capillary well.

Even after installation, color continues to work.


Furthermore, root effects do not exist with colorings plant-based , unlike with colorings without ammonia.

It is therefore possible to stay on the same color for several weeks.

To guarantee the effectiveness and long life of your coloring , it is important to use professionals such as colour experts like the professionals at Biocoiff'.

In this way, you will benefit from a customisation of your color that will correspond to your desires, but also to your hair.

coloring tone-on-tone plant

In addition, colorings Biocoiff' are 100% plant-based, are free of petrochemical ingredients and are labelled COSMEBIO LABEL.

So, when will you have your first Biocoiff' plant-based coloring ?

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