Many pregnant women have questions about what they should and should not do during their pregnancy. One of the questions that comes up regularly is about chemical colorings .

A gynaecologist client comes regularly to Biocoiff' and she agreed to beinterviewed during one of her sessions at the salon.

We asked her some questions about the pregnant women that she receives in her practice in Paris:

Should a woman care for her hair differently during pregnancy?

Yes, certainly.

Pregnant woman organic product

With the hormonal changes, it would be good for her to switch to natural or even organic products. I also recommend colours plant-based so as not to disturb their organism even more.

Do your pregnant patients ask you about this?

I receive them for up to 6 months, then they are taken care of in hospital or in a clinic.

If I have a request or questions from them, I tell them that there is no evidence that there are risks.

But in their fragile state, it is better to take care of their hair with natural and organic products.

And after the birth?

After childbirth, there are still hormonal changes and they often complain of hair loss or dry, dull hair.

At this point, hair care is more useful than ever.

Hairstyle for pregnant women

If they do need to colour, with the colours plant-based, they can regain natural hair and a good level of shine.

What about you ? Since you are a Biocoiff' customer, are you satisfied with the hair products and coloring ?

Yes, I use organic hair care products and I have been coming to Biocoiff' for colouring plant-based for several months, as well as the shampoos which I think are great!

I had damaged, dry, dull hair because of classic colours, classic treatments, shampoos and so my decision was made to turn to organic...