The colorings chemicals are harmful and can kill

Julie McCabe was a fan of colorings chemicals. She died at the age of 39.

Julie McCabe, a 39 year old English mother, worked in the real estate industry. She died as a result of a coloring hair treatment. Her family has since launched a legal battle against the L'Oréal group, the brand she had been using for 6 years.

Julie was a regular at colorings. She did it once a month at home, as many women do when they buy their color in the supermarket. Each time she had an episode, her skin reacted badly to the products, which led her to go to her doctor. But the doctor never had the presence of mind to question the chemical colorings used by Julie.

That day, in the middle of coloring, her husband hears Julie screaming: "Russell, I can hardly breathe, I think I'm going to die".

Her husband calls for help, calls an ambulance, but as soon as Julie arrives at the hospital, her heart stops. She entered a coma that lasted 13 months. She died in hospital.

Since this tragedy, her family has been fighting hard to find those responsible for Julie's death. The chemicals contained in the coloring would be the cause of this terrible accident. In France, a programme on France 5 was recently devoted to the chemical colorings used by hairdressers: