Would you like to switch to coloring ? We give you all our advice on how to make a vegetable coloring at home.

Beautiful hair with plants

With Biocoiff', you can have healthy, shiny hair with highlights that highlights your face.
With the coloring plant-based home-made product, there is no need to travel to get this result.
Natural and vegan, this color protects your health and the environment!

What is coloring ?

Unlike traditional hair dyes, coloring does not penetrate the hair scales.

On the contrary, it coats it without depigmenting or oxidising it, unlike a traditional chemical coloring .
When you make a homemadecoloring , you avoid the downward spiral of repeated chemical colours that fade and damage your hair.
The coloring plant-based hair dye not only allows you to dye your hair but also to care for it.
The ingredients are 100% vegetable based and include natural dye plants.
coloring home-made vegetable
This harmlessness is guaranteed by Biocoiff', a brand with the " organic cosmetics "label since 2002. Ourcoloring is safe to use at home!

Beware of false colorings plant-based

Some dyes are presented as "natural" when in fact they contain petrochemical components, thickening additives such as PEGs and even preservatives in the form of parabens.

All of these elements are synthetic and make your fiber hair more fragile.
A real homemadecoloring does not require any oxygenated cream mixture.
It does not dissolve the hair's natural pigments but rather accentuates the original highlights while beautifying the hair's texture.
A genuine coloring plant-based product does not cause allergies either.
There are no contraindications, even for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Rinsing does not cause any toxicity to nature.
coloring home-made vegetable

Order your customised box color

After having made our hair diagnosis to determine your color , you can reserve your box to make your coloring at home.

Designed by our biocolorists, this free examination is essential to provide you with a personalized treatment.
The color Biocoiff' box contains organic, plant-based products.
You will find a purifying clay mask, a dose of color developed for you and a conditioner that will fix the color.
The accessories needed for the application are also provided: a comb, a hairpiece and instructions on how to proceed!
Ethics is not an empty word at Biocoiff' because even the packaging of the box is recyclable.

Biocoiff', a 100% quality brand

Founded by Charley, this brand is committed to its values: your beauty, health and well-being are the basis.

This is why Biocoiff' offers you certified hair care products, including 20% organic compounds, 95% of which are organic plants.

You will love it