Doing a coloring without ammonia to cover your white hair is possible!

Many women and men are reluctant to show their white hair.

But how do you colour your white hair without damaging it?

This is what you will find out in this section.


Ammonia in hair products: a powerful and harmful ingredient

Canitis (the appearance of white hair) occurs when melanocytes stop producing melanin.

White hair tends to be drier, rougher and frizzy.

color ammonia-free, 100% vegetable-based

To colour them, we usually turn to colorings with ammonia, a very powerful aqueous solution, which is used to open the scales of the hair and then colour or bleach the fiber hair.

However, this compound has harmful effects on hair health, overall health and also the environment.


Two alternatives for doing an ammonia-free color on white hair

In recent years there has been a growing interest in ammonia-free products for white haircoloring from .

henna coloring natural

However, care should be taken to ensure that products free of this active ingredient do not contain other equally potent active ingredients derived from ammonia.

You have to colour your white hair while respecting it.


The coloring or a color 100% vegetable based ammonia free hair cover

More and more women are attracted to coloring .

It is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly hair treatment that provides complete coverage and care for white hair.

It contains no ammonia, no preservatives, and no synthetic chemical molecules. Its effectiveness is increased when the product used is labelled COSMEBIO.

coloring ammonia-free Biocoiff' white hair coloring ammonia-free Biocoiff' white hair after

Biocolorists, like those at Biocoiff', first apply a clay mask to cleanse and detoxify the hair.

At Biocoiff', the clay shampoo-mask can be used at home as a complement.

They then move on to the coloring stage, which improves the quality of the hair, coating and sheathing it.

In addition to being coloured, the hair is cared for, it becomes shiny, smooth and completely free of white hair.


The strands ammonia-free clay for melting white hair

highlight is also a great way to hide grey hair.

highlight Biocoiff' mineral without ammonia

Specifically, strands clay - another good ammonia-free treatment for white haircoloring from - lightens the hair without damaging the fiber hair because of the lower density of the developer used.

The hair is thus cared for and the pH and fiber of the hair are respected.

You will love it