Pregnant women are often advised to avoid chemical colours .

At Biocoiff, we offer an alternative: plant-based and organic colours.

Charley: When a woman is expecting a happy event, her hair changes in texture and is weakened. As the hair shaft is anchored in the scalp and in direct connection with the blood network that feeds it, everything that happens in the body influences the state of the hair and everything that is in contact with the hair can enter the rest of the body. At Biocoiff, many of our clients are pregnant women who realise that they need to be careful about what they put on their hair and scalp and we are here to offer an alternative to traditional hair colours and treatments.

We have developed high quality and effective plant-based formulas. Biocoiff's colours are a mixture of natural pigments and plants such as jojoba oil, beetroot, my indigo leaves, turmeric, rubarbe roots, etc... We compose the colours on the spot according to each client, it's a unique and personalized formula. 

After giving birth, the body has used all its resources to give birth and the hair is not in the best of shape. At Biocoiff, we have created a treatment specifically for women who have just given birth and for new mothers, some of whom are breastfeeding. We hope that you will be satisfied with our formulas and we look forward to welcoming you to Biocoiff. 


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