Want to refresh your haircut? Change your hair at color ? Or do you need a hair treatment? An appointment at the hairdresser is a must. In the capital, there are all kinds of hairdressing salons, but you will have to find the right hairdresser in Paris to get the result you want.


Definition of a good hairdresser

Choosing a hairdresser should not be made at random, because hair is an important part of your beauty and personality.

Here are some essential criteria that will help you recognize a good hairdresser.


Personal qualities

A good hairdresser must have certain personal qualities, starting with a sense of welcome.

The professional knows how to give a warm welcome to his client, as soon as he enters the salon.

He knows how to make them feel comfortable and at ease, all the while smiling.

He inspires great confidence in his customers by his neat appearance.

After all, hairdressing is a profession that focuses on aesthetics and beauty.

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In addition to being welcoming, a good hairdresser has good interpersonal skills. Throughout his service, he adapts to each client's needs.

It must be able to respect silence or converse.

A professional hairdresser listens to his client to determine his desires and to satisfy them.


The skills of a good hairdresser

Even before taking care of your hair, the hairdresser gives it a professional touch.

This is necessary to know the nature of the client's hair, as not everyone has the same type of hair.

He will also analyse the morphology of the face.

Based on this touch, and taking into account what the client is looking for, he/she must be able to advise or propose the best solutions in terms of hairstyling: choice of cut, color, etc.

In addition, a good hairdresser masters the various techniques of cutting, hair care, etc.

He regularly updates his knowledge to offer quality work that is always at the forefront of the trend.

Diagnosis of the hairdresser

In addition to a sense of aesthetics, he can also be creative, and he can sometimes have an artistic sense.


Famous areas for a good hairdresser in Paris

There are many hairdressing salons in almost every district of the capital.

Among the top places where you can find the best hair salons are the districts of: Montorgueil in the 2nd arrondissement, Bastille in the 4th, Saint-Germain in the 6th, Haussman in the 8th, Convention in the 15th, Jeanne d'Arc in the 13th...

But to choosing your hairdresser in Paris among the existing quantity of choices, it will be necessary to proceed to a research by adopting some methods.


To find the right hairdresser near you, check out the many dedicated websites on the Internet.

These will allow you, in just a few clicks, to have a list of the most frequented hair salons in the capital.


Once you have identified the right sites, proceed with the selection.

To do this, look at the opinions of customers who have already been to these establishments.

Indeed, the various reviews will help you to easily get an idea of the reputation of the salon you are interested in and the services it offers.

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Word of mouth is another effective method of finding the right salon.

So if you know someone who always has a good haircut, who always has a shiny head of hair and a perfect cut, ask them for the address of their hairdresser.

You can also simply ask your friends and relatives.

Another practical method is to look at publications and photos on the various social networks.

You can refer to the number of hairdressers working in the establishment and to all the equipment used.

It will also be necessary to make a comparison of price. A high cost does not necessarily guarantee a perfect service and vice versa.

So compare several hairdressing salons before deciding.


If you have the time, take a tour of the salons in your neighbourhood. This will make it very easy to assess the skills of their hairdressers.

To get an accurate idea, you can judge the haircuts of the hairdressers and the customers leaving the establishment.


Choose a good hairdresser in Paris who takes care of your hair

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice, as hairdressers are to be found on every corner.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, it is important to choose a hairdresser who knows how to take good care of your hair.

To do this, you must make an appointment directly with the hairdresser you have selected.

This way, you will know exactly what the hairdresser's real skills are.

Moreover, it is the only way to test the quality of the hair products offered.


A good hairdresser will be able to satisfy you perfectly and will recommend the right products for your hair type.

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plant-basedThe best hairdresser in Paris will be a natural hairdresser who will offer you colorings , and organic and natural hair care products.

Indeed, there is nothing better than natural hair care.

Why? Because we know that the ingredients in organic hair products have been carefully selected.

Especially with the coloring hair, it is best to avoid chemical colorings which would damage your hair.

Opt for a biocolorist, an expert in vegetable dyeing.


And to ensure that your brown does not turn brassy, the professional will first carry out a diagnosis.

A good hairdresser does more than just carry out his clients' requests.

He will first of all look at your hair history: coloring recent chemical, straightening, perm, etc.

The diagnosis is necessary for a first appointment, this step will allow to define the most adapted hair treatment.


Do you want a coloring with a natural result that is safe for your health and your hair? Are you looking for a good hairdresser in Paris? Turn to establishments offering healthy and natural products such as Biocoiff'.

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