For centuries, plants have been used by men and women to dye their hair. However, despite the rise of colorings plant-based , apprehensions persist. Today, there is still a lot of prejudice about dyes plant-based from some professionals and clients. One subject that comes up regularly is whethercoloring vegetable dyeing gives green hair.


What is the effect of coloring on hair?

The coloring plant is made up of dried plants, which are then ground to a powder and water is added.

They are ayurvedic, healing and dyeing plants.

This means that in addition to being a 100% natural dye, coloring is also a care for your hair.

Unlike coloring , coloring does not penetrate the hair and does not change its structure.

The dye plant-based wraps around the hair and creates a protective sheath.

The pigments in coloring adhere to the hair's keratin thanks to its naturally acidic pH.


After a coloring , green hair: a reality?

Yes and no. Don't panic, here are some details!

  • Appearance of temporary green hair: only when you want to cover the white hair

First of all, the colours plant-based can sometimes give a slight temporary yellow or green glow when you want to cover up your white hair.

coloring plant smile

In fact, this green sheen only appears on white hair. This means that this reflection is hardly visible because it is scattered throughout your hair.

  • Temporary green hair reflection

Moreover, it is important to understand that this yellow or green glow is only temporary. It quickly fades, giving way to the desired color over the course of a few hours.

Subsequently, the coloring will evolve and after a few hours will lead to its final color .

  • A discreet green glow

One final note: don't have the image of a green lawn!

We are talking about a discreet green or yellow. Indeed, this green is matt and quite dark, which makes it easy to conceal.

  • Explanation of that green glow in your hair

The pigments that have clung to your hair have not yet had time to oxidise in the air and have not achieved their final colours. 

coloring natural

Give your coloring a chance to convince you. Just wait a few hours and you will get the desired color !

For the analogy, cut an apple in half, its slice is white color but leave it for a few hours in the open air, it will turn brown thanks to natural oxidation.

This is exactly the same process for the natural pigments of the coloring plant.


Be patient, everything good takes time!

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It will give you all the information you need to start your process with confidence plant-based.

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