Ultra dry hair: fragile hair that needs to be treated with care

Do you have all the symptoms of extremely dry hair?
Don't panic, there are effective solutions available to make it look good again.

How do you recognise ultra dry hair?

Here are three symptoms that tell you that your hair is ultra dry and needs to be cared for properly:

Hair feels rough to the touch: When there is not enough sebum, the fiber hair dries out and the scales appear.

The hair takes on a straw-like appearance and is rough to the touch.

tips split: Hair with too little keratin becomes weak, tips splits and hair becomes brittle.

Loss of shine: Because the hair scales are raised, they no longer reflect light very well.

The hair then becomes opaque and without much relief.
very dry hair

Good habits for treating ultra dry hair

To stop excessive dryness in your hair, here are five habits you can adopt:

  • Massage the scalp with a shampoo designed for very dry hair (discussed in the next section)
  • Limit the use of heating devices;
  • Use specialised products (conditioner, mask, serum, etc.) that are more nourishing and richer than other products
  • Avoid exposing hair to the sun, wind and cold
  • Use a quality hairbrush, ideally with natural bristles.


dry hair


Biocoiff' shampoo with calendula

To deeply moisturise ultra dry hair, the experts at Salon Biocoiff' recommend calendula shampoo.

This product has unparalleled nourishing power on dry hair.
Very gentle, composed of extracts of calendulaIt softens and soothes the hair.
As a supplement, rose balm nourishes very dry hair thanks to its carefully selected natural ingredients.
The organic and natural hair products offered by the professionals at Biocoiff' help the hair to regain its shine and keep it healthy for a long time.