You dream of shiny, lustrous hair in the sunlight. But in real life, your hair is desperately dull and lacks shine. However, your dream can become reality without a magic wand, but simply by adopting some reflexes and gestures to take care of it with adapted hair products.

Why do we have dull hair?

Hair is made up of a hair shaft covered with scales that are laid down like tiles on a roof. When your hair feels good, the scales are smooth and reflect light. Your hair is shiny and you don't care about tips for dull hair. On the other hand, when your hair is damaged by aggressive hair products, too much hard water, stress, UV, pollution or poor diet, the fiber hair develops deficiencies. It grows less well, the scales open and it becomes dull, fragile and dry. Dull hair is also dry hair. To restore their shine, you will have to adopt the techniques reserved for the hair dryness.

Dull hair: change your routine

To regain the shine we envy from magazine models' hair, we start by avoiding anything that can damage or dry out the hair.

  • Blow dryers, straighteners and heated brushes stay in the closet. You have to realize that heated equipment should be avoided for drying and styling hair. If you can't do without them, switch to appliances with thermostats and reduce the time they're on as much as possible.
  • Squeeze your hair gently, without twisting or rubbing it to avoid damaging the scales.
  • Trade in your old hairdryer for a model with a diffuser or buy ceramic straightening plates.
  • Brush your hair gently. Choose a brush with natural bristles or one that matches your hair type. Brushing removes dust, activates the microcirculation of the scalp and moisturizes the hair. Without going as far as the 100 strokes of our grandmothers' brushes, which can irritate the hair, we do it morning and night.

Dry and lackluster hair, which hair products should you use?

To restore shine to dull hair, choose the right hair products. Dull hair is generally sensitized hair, so avoid products containing sulfites, silicone and collagen. Wash your hair with 100% natural shampoos formulated without chemicals. The washing care containing calendula, Aloe vera or jojoba oil will moisturize and nourish fiber without weighing it down. After shampooing, make detangling easier with a moisturizing and coating conditioner. Our after shampoo with ylang-ylang will close the scales and tone the hair. If you do colorings or balayage, it will also fix the pigments of your color. At the time of the final rinse, pass your hair under cold water to tighten the scales. Once the surprise effect is over, the cold water is tonic and makes your hair shine.

organic and vegan hair oil

. Before styling or brushing your hair, apply a moisturizing heat protectant. It will protect your hair from dehydration and enhance its shine. Before going to the pool or taking a dip in the ocean, protect your hair by wearing a cap. Otherwise, apply a protective dry oil to fight against the effects of iodine and UV rays.


The coloring plant for a beautiful glow

You find that your hair lacks shine, that your color is dull, a bit faded. The coloring plant will not only revive the color of your hair, but it will also take care of it. It acts as a hair care and improves the structure of the hair. Elaborated from natural pigments, the coloring plant will moisturize the fiber in depth. It does not dry the hair and does not spread the scales of the hair shaft. The color is fixed by sheathing the hair. You can use it to mask white hair, make a highlight or simply a coloring tone on tone. The coloring is the best way to avoid having dull and damaged hair.

The virtues of lemon and oils plant-based

To restore your hair's shine, lemon and vinegar are king. Dilute one lemon juice or one tablespoon of vinegar in a large bottle of water, then use your mixture as a final rinse. Your dull hair will be shiny again immediately. You can also use this water with vinegar or lemon to moisturize your hair in the summer. Especially if your hair is curly or very curly.

The properties of plant-based oils are also excellent for treating dull hair. Castor oil or jojoba oil are particularly good for stimulating growth and restoring shine. You will find them in some of our hair products or you can use them pure in an oil bath.

Castor oil care

  • 2 tablespoons castor oil
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

castor oil for hair

Mix these two components and soak your lengths. Leave on for 40 minutes before removing the residue with a repair shampoo. Your hair will be soft and shiny again.

You can alternate this oil bath with a hair mask. Depending on whether you have thick or thin hair, our jasmine and rose masks will strengthen the hair's keratin and boost its shine.


Now you know all the tips and tricks of the pros to make your hair shine. Take advice from one of our experts if you want to boost your color.