When grey hair starts to appear with age, it's the real dilemma: Accept or dye your grey hair? The choice is yours

How does grey hair form? Should you accept it or colour it? Which coloring to choose? Here are some answers.


Hair bleaching: its origin

The onset of grey hair, called canitis, usually occurs around the age of 40.

The melanocytes in the hair bulb emanate from a reservoir in the outer epithelial sheath.

With the help of the enzyme tyrosinase, they produce melanina natural pigment produced in the hair bulb that gives the hair its color.

woman spot her white hair


During the anagen period of the hair (growth period), melanin is transferred to the keratinocytes, which form keratin (hair structure), to pigment the hair.

Hair bleaching occurs when melanocytes become less active and fewer in number, generating less melanin.

It is mainly genetic predisposition and certain factors that cause the body to malfunction that lead to the phenomenon of canitis.


Accepting your white hair, a choice of its time

We spend a lot of time trying to hide our grey hair.

But what if we took them on? Because the days when salt-and-pepper and white hair meant old age are well and truly over.

More and more women and men are now avoiding coloring, especially coloring , which contains toxic chemicals that damage hair.

white hair coloring

But giving up on hiding your white hair doesn't mean giving up on caring for it.

Certified organic skin care products are ideal for this purpose, as they provide a complete beauty treatment.

For example, the organic neutral henna covers the hair without colouring it, while providing strength, shine and volume.


Indulge in an organic and vegetable coloring hair care product

Mysteriously, bleached hair is so attractive to others and translates as a symbol of respect.

But in our country, it's quite different! We find it difficult to accept them and we look for ways to dye them.

This dye was already very popular with the Egyptians for thousands of years.

To cover white hair without damaging it, there is an alternative to chemical coloring , namely organic and vegetablecoloring .

coloring tone-on-tone plant

This coloring, which also serves as a treatment, is suitable for all hair types, regardless of their condition color.

It simply coils and coats the hair for a natural and subtle result.

In addition to being fully covered, white hair is bright, smooth and fuller.

The Biocoiff' salon offers a wide range of organic and natural products carefully selected for the health of the hair and scalp.

These products include care products,coloring (including the practical box color) and several accessories to help you take charge of your hair's beauty.

The founder of Biocoiff', Charley Assoun, explains:



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