There are several types of hair in the world.

The specificity of Afro hair requires that we devote (at least) 1 article to it in order to explain its particularities and the products we recommend!


What is "afro hair"?

Hair is said to be afro when it has a curly, wavy, thick and unruly character.

Afro hair can be called frizzy or "curly" in English.

They are caused by the tilt of the hair follicle as the hair grows.

This type of hair adjusts to the hot, humid climate and the aridity it causes.

The hair grows back 0.5 to 1.5 cm permonth, but this can vary depending on the care they receive.


What are the specificities of Afro hair?

Afro hair has certain specific characteristics that require special care.

The peculiarities of this type of hair result primarily from the dysfunction of the hair follicles with curves near the bulb.

As a result, the hair has a curly appearance when it comes out on the head. It spreads over the skin of the head without standing straight.


afro hair


The hair remains thick and strong, but remains with a dry appearance making it fragile.

In addition, when the hair encounters great dryness it breaks and thus affects regrowth.


How to take care of afro hair?

Afro hair must be treated with the best care as it is very fragile.

As a result, care is focused on the application of gentle and nourishing products.



The first step is to use a mask rich in shea butter in order to make the hair supple and nourish it.

This product should be used once a week before shampooing .

It is best to choose almond, shea butter or jojoba oil.

So, you can choose a cream or oil that moisturizes during the day and put it on the tips.

Finally, styling afro hair remains a big challenge as you don't want to break it further by trying to detangle it.

In addition, it is best to stylewith your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb.