Scalp sensitivity remains a poorly understood concept, even though many people suffer from it. What causes scal p pain?
Here are some of them and some tips on how to deal with them.

Scalp pain: abnormal but benign

First of all, it is important to know that the tightness and pain felt in the scalp is not normal.

Under ideal conditions, the scalp is painless and can be touched, moved and even pinched like any other area of the skin.

sore scalp

But there's no need to worry either, scalp problems can be treated easily.

It is sufficient to determine their causes in order to apply the appropriate care.

Causes of scalp pain

There are several reasons for scalp sensitivity.

Needless to say, there is a high risk that an individual with sensitive skin will also be more prone to scalp pain.

These are the main causes of painful tightness.

  • External aggression;
  • Poor blood circulation;
  • The frequency of use of appliances from which heat sources emanate;
  • The use of aggressive hair products and synthetic chemical treatments;
  • The use of a metal hairbrush;
  • A lack of scalp flexibility;

scalp pain

  • Too tight a hairstyle;
  • The wearing of extensions;
  • Dietary deficiencies (zinc, magnesium, iron);
  • Excess sebum;
  • Dryness of the scalp;
  • A cramp in the horripilator muscle;
  • A pathology (seborrheic dermatitis, Horton's disease, Arnold's neuralgia).

Choosing the right hair products and treatments

While some of the causes listed above are difficult to control and therefore more difficult to treat in order to stop scalp pain, others only require a change of habits in the hair routine.

This includes the use of aggressive hair products and synthetic chemical treatments.

itchy scalp solution

Abrasive shampoos, conditioners and colorings synthetics weaken the hair and can make the scalp sore.

The Tea Tree shampoo cleanses the scalp and combats dandruff and itching.

The use of 100% natural, COSMEBIO-labelled hair products and colorings plant-based or henna - such as those offered at Salon Biocoiff ' - helps to put a stop to this problem for better hair and scalp health.