The products in colorings can cause severe allergy when applied to the hair.

This is mainly due to their chemical components which are very harmful.

To make a nice color without risking your health, there is a better solution, find out what it is.


Dangerous ingredients in colorings chemicals

Even if the instructions for use of the colorings chemicals are followed, the risk of intolerance and irritation can still occur.

This is because the toxic ingredients in these products are highly hazardous to health.

Here is a list of the main allergens that should be avoided at price when choosing a colouring product:

  •  PPD or para-phenylenediamine

This is a substance used in darker shades to make the dye last longer.

It is a synthetic product derived from petroleum that passes easily through the skin to the scalp. This compound causes serious health problems.

  •  Ammonia

The ammonia in hair dyes is used to open the hair cuticle so that the dyes can penetrate the hair.

It often causes irritation to the lungs and caustic burns.

  •  Hydrogen peroxide

It is an oxidant used for decolourisation, i.e. to remove the natural color before applying hair dye.

In addition to damaging the hair, this agent can cause various irritations.woman hair nature

  • Parabens

They are preservatives and powerful allergens.

The most common ones are: methylparaben and propylparaben.

They can therefore cause very serious allergies and skin irritations.

  •  Resorcinol

This toxic dye can also cause scalp irritation and affect the endocrine system.


Possible types of allergy following colorings for hair

The application of a chemical coloring leads to undesirable effects which are reflected in various symptoms.

Eczema on the skin, or contact dermatitis, can occur.

It is an allergy that often appears on the scalp, face, back, hand and other parts of the body after the application of chemical hair dyes.

If you experience various forms of itching and irritation after dyeing your hair with a chemical coloring , it means that you are intolerant to toxic products.

allergy-free female Reactions can also be very violent, with the appearance of itchy pimples and possibly oedema.

The eyes may become irritated and swollen in different areas of the face.

The skin may also become very dry, stretched or even cracked.

Burning sensations may be felt on the scalp.

In addition, chemical hair colorings aggravates scalp psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin disease that makes the skin even more sensitive to allergens and irritants.

Many people with this disease will be susceptible to increased psoriasis eruptions.

In addition to allergies and severe skin reactions, the toxic agents in colorings chemicals can cause more worrying illnesses.

woman with blond hair

Indeed, studies show an increased risk of developing cancers, including bladder cancer, for those who regularly use permanent colorings containing PPD.

Research also indicates that the combination of PPD and hydrogen peroxide is highly toxic and causes cancer.


The solution: coloring 100% vegetable and certified organic

It is always better to turn to a more natural alternative to avoid the side effects of colorings chemicals.

The safest solution iscoloring , which contains only powdered plants to which water is added.

Plants can darken naturally and are safe for both health and hair.

However, these colorings dye plants must be purchased in their 100% natural and pure form.

The most common plants used in a plant-based camp are :

- henna ;

- indigo ;

- madder ;

- chamomile ;

- turmeric ;

- etc.

In contrast to colorings for conventional hair, which weakens the fiber hair by destructuring it, colouring powders are deposited only on the outside of the hair.

There is therefore no risk of the hair becoming damaged.

Powder colorings for hair

Better still, plants have properties that can be used to care for the hair.

For example, amla is an Ayurvedic plant with multiple beneficial actions for the hair. It is well known for stimulating hair growth.

It is also important to know that there is a possibility that a person is also allergic to certain plants.

But this happens very rarely, rest assured.

A small test should always be carried out before applying the colouring powder.

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