For centuries, plants have been used by men and women to dye their hair. However, despite the desire for vegetable colors, apprehensions persist.

Today, there are still a lot of prejudices about vegetable tinctures on the part of some professionals and customers. 

A subject comes up regularly: does vegetable coloring give green hair?


What is the effect of vegetable coloring on the hair?


The vegetable coloring is only composed of plants, dried, then, reduced to powder to which we add water. 

They are both Ayurvedic, healing and tinctorial plants. 

This means, that in addition to being a 100% natural dye, vegetable coloring is also a care for your hair.

Unlike chemical coloring, vegetable coloring does not fit inside the hair and does not modify its structure. 

Indeed, the vegetable dye wraps around the hair and creates a protective sheath. 

The pigments of the vegetable coloring cling to the keratin of the hair thanks to its naturally acidic pH.


Vegetable coloring and green hair: a reality?

Yes and no. Don’t panic, here are some details!


Only when you want to cover gray hair

First precision, vegetable colors can sometimes give a slight temporary yellow or green reflection when you want to cover your white hair.

Coloration végétale sourire

Indeed, this green reflection only appears on white hair. This means that this reflection is hardly visible because it is scattered.


Temporary reflection

In addition, it should be understood that this yellow or green reflection is only temporary. It fades quickly, leaving room over the hours for the desired color.

Par la suite, la coloration va évoluer et va aboutir au bout de quelques heures à sa couleur définitive.


Un reflet vert discret

Dernière précision : n’ayez pas l’image d’un vert pelouse !

Nous parlons ici d’un vert ou d’un jaune discret. En effet, ce vert est mat et assez foncé ce qui permet de le dissimuler facilement.


Explication de ce reflet

Les pigments qui se sont accrochés à votre cheveu n’ont pas encore eu le temps de s’oxyder au contact de l’air et n’ont pas obtenu leurs couleurs finales. 

Coloration naturelle

Laissez une chance à votre coloration végétale de vous convaincre. Il suffit d’attendre quelques heures et vous obtiendrez la couleur désirée !

Pour l’analogie, coupez une pomme en deux, sa tranche est de couleur blanche mais laissez la quelques heures à l’air libre, elle deviendra marron grâce à l’oxydation naturelle.

It is exactly the same process for the pigments of vegetable colors.


Be patient, all good takes time!


When you open the doors of a Biocoiff ‘hairdressing salon, we make it a point of honor to carry out your diagnosis.

It will allow you to obtain all the information necessary to start calmly in your vegetal process.