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coloring natural hair: testimonials

The natural coloring can refer to several types of colorings. Therefore, one must be very careful about the use of this term. Indeed, more and more hairdressers are trying to take advantage of the ambiguity surrounding the term "natural" and we have decided to enlighten you so that you can make your choices in full knowledge of the term [...].

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Does vegetable dye cover white hair?

Thus, with age, white hair arrives and many women can't stand having it! In this case, the best thing to do is to go to coloring to hide them. There is an alternative solution to chemistry: the organic & vegetable coloring , which covers white hair 100%, without damaging it. What is [...]

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How powders plant-based saved my hair

As promised I will meet you again this time to tell you about plant-based powders used in hair care. I can never say it enough: these powders saved me! They have brought my hair back to life, really, I don't abuse words, since I use them my hair is strong and shiny and my scalp is [...]

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3 steps to maintain a plant coloring

Have you just switched to 100% natural? Have you succumbed to plant-based coloring? Well, you will be delighted because maintaining a plant-based coloring is much simpler than maintaining a chemical coloring. Indeed, while a color penetrates the hair fiber, denatures it and damages your hair, plant-based coloring takes care of your hair.

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Why did I go to the plant coloring

After 10 years of coloring chemical, here I am launching into the coloring vegetable. But how did I get here? I'll tell you my story. Ten years ago, oh, woe betide, the first white hairs were pointing their noses. Action-Reaction: I decided to use coloring chemical to cover it up. When I left F.P., I...

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2 tips to prepare your hair in the vegetable coloring

You have decided to switch to colorings plant-based ? That's good, but preparing your hair for this new step ( coloring) is even better. The vegetal coloring has a different action than the chemical coloring . It protects and cares for the hair fiber . However, a hair regularly subjected to many chemical products (colorings chemicals, masks, etc.) is not a [...]

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How do you recognize a vegetable and natural coloring ?

Today, many hairdressers offer and use colorings 100% plant-based. In this article, we will explain how to recognize a real vegetal coloring . From chemical coloring to herbal coloring Chemical colorings s have always had a reputation for damaging, damaging or itchy hair on many women. They are harmful to the hair of many [...]

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The coloring vegetal: why you have to start young?

Want to start colouring your hair? Our clients offer their testimonials on why you should start with coloring . colorings Chemicals: the classic route Women usually come to colorings plant-based after years of using colorings chemicals. Realizing that these [...]

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