Our Biocoiff' shampoos

certified organic and vegan

Your scalp is precious. So are our shampoos.

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Discover the Biocoiff' Shampoo range !

Biocoiff' products certified Organic, Vegan & Cruelty Free and Vegan

Used for several years in the Parisian hair salon Biocoiff' by Charley, they are perfect for professional use in a hair salon and for regular use at home.

This range has been developed to meet the needs of our customers while respecting our planet.

biocoiff organic shampoos

A complete range for all hair types: dry, oily, fine, dehydrated, for young shoots, and a conditioner detangler and fixer of color (ideal after a coloring ).

This range is :

  • Certified Organic 
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • Made in France

Available in several outlets in France and on the online shop: www.biocoiff.com/boutique

The choice of ingredients has been carefully made to ensure that the formulas are both healthy and effective.

The Biocoiff' range of certified organic liquid shampoos: the 100% natural solution

A Parisian hairdresser has decided to tackle the problem and offer a completely organic approach to hairdressing and hair care.

For 10 years, Biocoiff has been making 100% natural shampoos for clean and silky hair.

Plants offer everything you need to create shampoos for all hair types:

These few examples demonstrate once again the generosity of nature.

Better still, 100% organic and natural shampoos are totally respectful of fiber and the scalp.

No more dryness and constant irritation.

Shampoo range

The Biocoiff range now offers a natural and healthy alternative to chemical shampoos.

It proves its results every day. The damage done by the chemicals in industrial shampoos could be repaired by using these herbal shampoos.

For 10 years, Biocoiff has been revolutionising the world of hair care and hairdressing. Its efforts to develop a vegan approach to its business contribute to the health of the consumer and the protection of nature.

Today, each hair type will find a shampoo adapted to its needs in the Biocoiff range. One more reason to bring organic hair into your bathroom and never let it out again!

Why choose a certified organic shampoo?

Because you use it daily, you probably don't pay attention to the composition of your shampoo anymore.

However, you should take a close look at the latter.

Many manufacturers include ingredients in their shampoos that are widely controversial for their health effects.

Several recent investigations by consumer associations or the press have revealed the presence of parabens and sulphates in a large number of industrial shampoos.

Used as preservatives, paraben derivatives are notorious for being powerful endocrine disruptors.

Women's Shampoo

Sulphated detergents dry out the hair and scalp and cause severe irritation, especially to the eyes.

Even worse, some products contain aggressive chemicals alongside them.

It is clear that the biggest shampoo brands all contain one or more controversial molecules.

However, the latter pose two major problems: for the health of consumers who use their shampoos every day and for nature, which sees these molecules flowing in via the treated water.

Current wastewater treatment cannot eliminate these non-biodegradable compounds.

They therefore cause pollution of rivers in an insidious way.

After months and months of study and analysis of the components of Biocoiff' shampoos, we have finally obtained the COSMEBIO® label



What is the COSMEBIO® label?

The COSMEBIO® label is the pioneer of organic cosmetics in France. Since 2002, it has guaranteed the organic nature of the product and the commitment of the brand. Behind this label, there is a real association, a collective, a network:

  • It is the 1st worldwide association dedicated to organic cosmetics
  • The label has more than 9000 product references and 350 companies (ingredient suppliers, laboratories, etc.)
  • More than 450 brands benefit from the COSMEBIO® label

"A cosmetic that respects LIFE!"

The COSMEBIO® label is committed to several values:

  • Human life: petrochemical ingredients have been replaced by ingredients of natural origin with a focus on organic farming.
  • Nature: Organic cosmetics are produced using gentle, non-polluting manufacturing processes and require recyclable packaging.
  • Pleasure: pleasant textures, formulas with innovative active ingredients, refined fragrances, organic cosmetics are full of beautiful discoveries for your well-being.
  • Respect for people: fair trade and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Respect for nature: Biodiversity and the environment.

cosmebio shampoo

Biocoiff' and COSMEBIO®: proof of our commitment

Because a commitment is proven by actions and not only by words, Biocoiff' has become an active member of the COSMEBIO® association and Biocoiff' Shampoos are now labelled, and we hope to reassure all those who wish to try our products with the certainty of consuming organic.


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