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The Start Color Box contains everything you need to make your own personalized plant-based coloring at home.

If you have received the confirmation email, just order this product. We have your custom formula associated with your name. You don't have anything else to do!

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The START Color Box

Box Color STARTBox Color START




It is the ideal solution for those who want to colour their hair naturally at home. The Box color START contains :

  • 1 bottle of preparing shampoo
  • the application comb
  • 1 dose of color personalized
  • 1 dose of conditioner
  • la hairnet
  • 1 mask tube with clay
  • and of course the detailed step-by-step procedure guide.

Don't forget to do your diagnosisbefore placing your order, otherwise it will be cancelled.


Additional Information

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Application tutorials

Dreading applying the color yourself, or calling on your neighbour to help you?

Don't worry, we'll show you how to do it on video!


Each formula is personalized by the most experienced organic colorists.

Your plant-based mixture is therefore unique and personalized, and its composition, the presence or absence of a plant and its concentration will therefore vary according to the established formula.

Here is the list of the plants we use:

  • Indigofera Tinctoria
  • Lawsonia Inermis
  • Rubia Tinctorum
  • Eclipta Alba
  • Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
  • Cassia obovata
  • Emblica Officinalis
  • Trigonella Foenum-graecum
  • Bacopa Monnieri

Frequently Asked Questions

1- I have just ordered a box color. I would have liked to order in two stages, is this possible?

Your formula is elaborated according to your online diagnosis with the following information:

  • Choix des 3 couleurs que vous aimez et n’aimez pas sur le nuancier*, Les photos de vos cheveux que vous nous avez fait parvenir.
  • A plant formula is made according to the color you have (hence the request for the photo).

If, however, between this diagnosis and your new order of color, the color of your hair is different from the photos you sent us, or if the color of your previous application does not suit you and/or you wish to change it, we will need your photos again:

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • Elles doivent être prises dehors à la lumière du jour mais pas en plein soleil, ni par des
    lumières intérieures qui modifient votre vrai couleur et fausse le diagnostic.

After that, we will work out a new formula if your request is feasible

The colours on the colour chart do not correspond to specific formulas or pigments in the range. They are suggested images to help us understand your likes and dislikes, so we can determine if your request is possible in vegetable or not.
Reds, purples, greys, as well as lightening or fading are not possible in vegetable.

2- The color I had chosen is impossible to achieve because it is too light but I don't want to be too dark. What solution do you have to offer me for a nice result?

During your diagnosis, you requested a lighter color than the one you are currently wearing.

As plant-based cannot clarify, we are unable to respond to this request.

Currently you have strands blondes made with bleaching powder.

It is possible to colour these strands in different ways to avoid going too dark all at once, using highlights golden blond, Venetian blond or copper blond.

But if you want to get your natural color back (no hot highlights ), this will require automatically including an indigo pigment that will prevent you from re-lightening or re-brushing/strands.

As your first request was to lighten, I strongly advise against this option for the moment as you may find yourself going too dark and turning green if you are trying to lighten a color that contains indigo.

If you are interested in highlights warm blondes (golden blondes, copper blondes, Venetian blondes), which will give you the opportunity to do highlights if you wish, I invite you to redo your diagnosis online, by choosing on the colour chart the different highlights that you like and don't like, and by specifying in the comments that you still wish to be able to do highlights.

Don't forget to attach your photos:

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • Elles doivent être prises dehors à la lumière du jour mais pas en plein soleil, ni par des
    lumières intérieures qui modifient votre vrai couleur et fausse le diagnostic.

Following this, we will develop a new formula.

The colours on the colour chart do not correspond to specific formulas or pigments in the range. They are suggested images to help us understand your likes and dislikes, so we can determine if your request is possible in vegetable or not.
Reds, purples, greys, as well as lightening or fading are not possible in vegetable.

3- I'm about to order a new box color to make a new coloring . I find that the effect of my last coloring did not last very long. After 2 months, I could see a few white hairs that had been coloured. So should I change my formula (from color )?

La coloration végétale est une coloration qui se développe et se fixe autour du cheveu grâce au pH naturellement acide de la kératine du cheveu.

The appearance of previously coloured white hair can be caused by several things:

  1. Either your formula is too clear (= if this is the case you can see it from the beginning),
  2. Either the mixture was made with too much waterwhich diluted the color,
  3. Either the product is not sufficiently applied in thick layers with fine separations (= lack of product = thinner sheathing and therefore fades more quickly),
  4. Either the shampoo you are using is not not adapted (pH, too aggressive ingredients ...), which can "scratch" the color with each shampoo and make it fade,
  5. Either the styling or care products you use contain film-forming agents, silicones or other derivatives that are occlusive, creating a film that decreases the setting and durability of the color,
  6. Either the the hair scales are weakened due to a lack of moisturising and nourishing care, or following the taking of medication, which limits the durability of the color ,
  7. Or maybe it has been a long time since the color has been lengthened and in this case it is a normal and natural thinning (do not forget that summer, sun, sea etc... require even more care on the hair to keep it healthy and maintain a beautiful color).

It is important to remember that coloring also preserves the hair's colour nuances and that when there is white hair, it is always a little lighter than other dark hair

So from the indications you have given us, I don't think this is the formula that needs to be changed.

You can also send us photos:

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • Elles doivent être prises dehors à la lumière du jour mais pas en plein soleil, ni par des
    lumières intérieures qui modifient votre vrai couleur ; Afin que nous puissions observer vos cheveux plus en détail.

4 - Is it possible to change from color to coloring ?

The colours on the colour chart do not correspond to specific formulas or pigments in the range. They are suggested images to help us understand your likes and dislikes, so that we can establish whether your request is possible in plant form or not.

Reds, purples, greys, as well as lightening or fading, are not possible in the plant.

Changing the reflection of the color in plant-based is possible if it is a small change (= highlights more or less golden, more or less coppery, more or less intense).

Changing the pitch of the color (from light to dark or vice versa), is possible to darken. The plant-based does not lighten so be careful if you darken too muchYou will have to wait for the hair to grow back because the darker part, coloured in plant-based can no longer be lightened, even with chemistry (=risk of a green reflection that cannot be removed).


5- I come to you after the usual application of color , which despite being applied in the same way as the previous ones, did not work.

I feel like after rinsing the 2nd application, the very light orange color from the 1st application stayed as is. Usually, after the second application, my roots are dark brown tending to green which dissipates within 24 hours.

Poor coverage of the 2nd beat can be due to several things:

  1. Either the formula is too clear,
  2. Either it is a protocol error :
    - – too much water in the mixturetoo much water in the mixture, which diluted the color,
    - Not enough product deposited in the roots, or too thick a separation (= lack of product) lack of product)
    - Too short pause time.

According to the indications you have given us, since it is the same formula you use and it usually takes well, it is possible that the error is in the protocol.

To correct the color, you can recommend your box and apply your 2nd step, without forgetting to leave your conditioner on for at least 15 minutes, RACINES lengths and tips, on towel-dried hair, in order to preserve the concentration and effectiveness of the treatment.

6- Can you tell me if there is the clay treatment in the box? Because I don't know if I should use the clay mask several times, at least at the beginning, or if once is enough to detoxify my hair...

The clay shampoo-mask is to be used before a coloring in order to remove from the hair the occlusive residues (silicones, film-forming agents and derivatives), which could act as a barrier to the setting of the color.

If you have been using our shampoos and care products since your color , which ensure that the composition is suitable for the care of your color, there is no need to do it again. It would be too purifying for your hair.

If you use other products and styling products such as waxes, thermal products or others, if they contain these so-called occlusive components, it would be better to do it again from time to time.

Vous le trouverez en vente chez l’un de nos partenaires :

ou sur notre boutique en ligne


7- I went to a salon for my last color but I find that the color is too dark, what can I do?

The coloring plant-based product cannot lighten the hair.

In order for us to be able to answer your request more precisely, I invite you to send us photos of your current hair:

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • They should be taken outside in daylight but not in direct sunlight, nor by indoor lights that alter your true
    indoor lights that alter your true color and distort the diagnosis.

Merci de bien vouloir également nous indiquer les 3 couleurs que vous aimez et n’aimez pas sur ce nuancier*, afin que nous puissions voir si votre demande est réalisable en végétale

The colours on the colour chart do not correspond to specific formulas or pigments in the range. They are suggested images to help us understand your likes and dislikes, so we can determine if your request is possible in vegetable or not.
Reds, purples, greys, as well as lightening or fading are not possible in vegetable.


8 - I have already had a coloring done in a Biocoiff' salon and I would like to order with the same color that I had done in the salon.

For your color we need to make a diagnosis.

Vous pouvez le faire en ligne ici :

By answering the questions and attaching photos of your hair:

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • They should be taken outside in daylight but not in direct sunlight, nor by indoor lights that alter your true color and distort the diagnosis.


9 - I did not receive any indication in my Box color, is this normal?

We apologise for the lack of a protocol sheet which I enclose here:

10 - If I have white hair, I must be in two stages to optimize the hold of the color, right?

The coloring always covers white hairUnless there is an error in protocol, formula, application or a product on the hair that is a barrier to the development of the color.

The difference between the 1-step protocol (1 application = 1 bag),

and the 2-step protocol (2 applications = 2 sachets),

this is done according to your current color : whether you want to have shades or not and whether you need to darken a lot or not.

The shades are possible with white hair or if you have previously highlighted hair.

To find out, during your online diagnosis we asked you to choose from a colour chart*, 3 colours that you like and don't like and to send us photos of your hair.

If a 1-stage protocol was sent to you, it is because your objective was to have a nuanced and not uniform color .

If this is the case and white hairs are still visible, this can be due to several things:

  1. Either your formula is too clear,
  2. Either the mixture was made with too much waterwhich diluted the color,
  3. Either the break time was not respected,
  4. Either the product is not sufficiently applied in thick layers with fine separations (= lack of product),
  5. Either the shampoos, styling or care products you use contain film-forming agents, silicones or other derivatives that are occlusive, creating a film that decreases the grip and durability of the color,
  6. Either the the hair scales are weakened due to a lack of moisturising and nourishing care, or following the taking of medication, which limits the durability of the color over time.

11 - I would like to order a box color : will it correspond to the color that I usually get in the salon ?

Since you have already been to our salon, your color is recorded in a personal file,

filled in by the hairdresser when you visit.

If your visit to the salon is recent, and there have been no changes to your color in the meantime, either by you or another hairdresser, you can order your box here:

However, if there have been any changes to color or if you wish to modify it, it is best to make a new diagnosis by sending us your photos, so that we can be sure to send you the right formula.

Lien du diagnostic en ligne ici :

  • 1 photo of the top of the head (roots)
  • 1 photo of the back (your length)
  • They should be taken outside in daylight but not in direct sunlight, nor by indoor lights that alter your true color.

12- I have just applied my color and I have hot highlights , should I be worried?

Appliquer seule une coloration végétale n’est pas chose simple car cela demande une technique spécifique pour être sûr de bien recouvrir tous les cheveux

  • Fine separations,
  • Apply the product as a poultice to envelop all the hair,
  • And don't put any further than the roots, otherwise you run the risk of creating different coloured bars or unwanted highlights .

Les REFLETS JAUNES sur les cheveux blancs sont normaux le jour J car il faut plusieurs heures (48H) pour permettre à la couleur de se développer et de foncer.
S’ils persistent ce peut être :

  1. Either your formula is too clear,
  2. Either the mixture was made with too much waterwhich diluted the color,
  3. Either the product is not sufficiently applied in thick layers with fine separations (= lack of product) lack of product)
  4. Either the styling, shampooing or care products you use contain film-forming agents, silicones or other derivatives that are occlusivecreating a film that which reduces the hold and durability of the hair. of the color,

The highlights RED/ORANGE can be linked to several things:

  1. Application time too long = so pause time too long
  2. Mixing water too hot (do not exceed 50°)
  3. The application goes beyond the roots
  4. The 1st shampoo was not done 48 hours after the color,
  5. Shampoos, treatments and other hair products are not suitable.
  6. Medication or heavy treatment can change the pH of the hair and cause the color to turn brown.

If one or more of the situations seem to fit you, do not hesitate to come back to us so that we can help you more precisely.


13 - I would like to cover an old highlight with a plant-based coloring , is this possible?

Appliquer seule une coloration végétale n’est pas chose simple car cela demande une technique spécifique pour être sûr de bien recouvrir tous les cheveux

  • Fine separations,
  • Apply the product as a poultice to envelop all the hair,
  • And be sure to follow all the protocol and the water dosage.

Without this, there may be gaps or transparency.

The more colours you do, the more you layer the applications, the darker you will make it, especially if you put it on the lengths every time.

But you must not forget that when you darken in plant-based, you cannot lighten afterwards, even in chemistry, because the indigo pigment that allows you to darken comes out green if you try to lighten it.

However, if you wish to redo a color, your hair having been coloured since the photos of your first diagnosis, it is important to redo a new one so that our colourists can adapt the formula to your current color and to your objective (the old formula no longer being adapted).

14 - You have offered me a box coloring. If afterwards I just want to color is it possible?

The application kit is offered to you in order to provide you with the necessary material for an optimal use of the

However, if you are already equipped, you can ask that it not be added in your next boxes, so that we can notify it on your form which will inform the preparers.

To request this, please indicate it in the comments of your next order

15 - I would like to order my first box color, I have already done my diagnosis but I wanted to know what colouring powders are used, is it henna?

Les colorations Biocoiff sont des colorations 100% végétales, issues de l’agriculture BIOLOGIQUE et CERTIFIEES par ECOCERT.

These labels ensure that the composition is free of no chemical substances such as PPD, sodium picramate or other metallic salts, contained in certain colorings powders called " plant-based " or "Natural" which are more familiarly called "Henna". Synthetic Henna ».

Natural henna (Lawsonia Inermis from its botanical name), offering a coppery color , is a pure plant which is used in ALL the colorings 100% vegetal because it is what allows the fixation of the other vegetal pigments on the hair allowing the different colours.

However, if you wish to redo a chemical coloring or a highlight following a coloring 100% vegetable, composed of this Natural Hennathis will not be a problem, unlike Synthetic Henna which would burn your hair when in contact with chemicals.

GOOD TO KNOW : If you want to darken your hair with plants, the plant that allows you to do this is INDIGO (Indigofera is its botanical name). color If you find that your hair is too dark and you want to lighten it with a chemical coloring or a highlight (=strands), indigo will prevent you from doing so because its lightening will cause green highlights .

IMPORTANT: coloring cannot lighten hair If you like to regularly change your color from a darker shade to a lighter shade, we advise you to think carefully before switching to plant-based , which will not be able to offer you this possibility.

16 - How often should I do my coloring ?

Pour la FREQUENCE d’application ; la coloration végétale accroche très bien le cheveu et ne délave pas (ou très peu).

L’entretien des racines se fait en fonction de vos besoins.

Lengthening on the lengths is rare due to its long lasting nature. Moreover, repeated lengthening would darken the color unnecessarily and it could not be lightened afterwards.

17 - How many color can I do with the color box?

The box color contains a standard dose for 1 full head application.

18 - As I cannot take a coloring in lighter tones, what shades would you recommend? And could I have the composition please?

The coloring 100% vegetable allows you to bring to your color of the highlights : Gilded, Copper, Mahogany.

The plants we use vary depending on the type of color we want to achieve as well as the person's application base. They are Ayurvedic plants, dyes, such as natural Henna for orange (Lawsonia), Indigo for blue (Indigofera), neutral Henna (Cassia Italica) etc...

So that we can tell you if the colours you like are possible in plants compared to your current color , please indicate on the colour chart below, the 3 colours you like and the 3 colours you don't like.

Please also attach photos of your hair, taken outside in the shade (no photos indoors or in the sun).

NB: It is not possible to obtain a lighter color than the one you have, nor to obtain red, purple or grey. If, however, these are the colours you like on the colour chart, only chemistry can meet your requirements.

19 - I'm still hesitating to order my box, because a year ago I had already tried colorings plant-based (Khadi & Aromazone brand) in shades of blonde and I had a lot of highlights red hair due to the henna, especially on my white hair, and I didn't like it at all. I chose the shade L03 for the Biocoiff box, can you tell me if I'm likely to have red hair again highlights ?

The colorings 100% plant-based are composed of a plant called natural Henna = ORANGE PIGMENT. This plant is the basis of ALL colorings 100% vegetal because it has the function of providing the basis for ALL the variations of highlights and also allows other pigments to set on the hair.

Without natural orange henna, no coloring is possible.

It is the combination of orange henna and other pigments that provides a varied palette of colours.

For the same formula, the result can be more or less orange depending on the temperature of the water in your mixture, the time you take to apply it, the total pause time, as well as the shampoos and treatments you use.

The use of medication is also a factor in the development of undesirable highlights , despite the correct formula being established.

If you are having difficulty obtaining the color you want, we invite you to make an appointment with one of our salons or partners who will be able to provide you with advice after a more in-depth diagnosis.

20 - What do I need to know before switching to coloring ?

  1. Yes, I can do a coloring on my chemically chemically coloured hair or with a highlight (strands ).
  2. The plant-based does not lighten If I find my current color too dark, whether it is natural, chemically coloured or vegetable coloured, I cannot lighten it.
  3. I would not be able to bleach (=sweep/strands) my coloring if it contains indigo (=mandatory for brown, dark brown, cool blonde colours) If I do this, my hair will be green. I will have to wait until my hair grows back to change my color.
  4. I could bleach (=sweep/strands) my coloring if it does not containindigo (= copper shades, light golden blonde shades)
  5. I can do a chemical coloring after a vegetable coloring , but as the coloring plant creates a protective sheath around the hair, and the coloring chemical needs to enter the hair to be effective, the 1st color chemical may not hold up as well. Other chemical techniques (straightening, perming, etc.), follow the same rules.
  6. Red, purple, grey, bluish black or pastel colours are not possible in 100% vegetable. No plant can produce a "true" red that lasts in 100% plant-based and certified organic. Some Henna are more red than others but either their cultivation is not organic (Yemeni henna type) or metallic salts have been added (= sodium picramate).

If you have a specific request, we advise you to make an appointment with one of our vegetalpartner colourists, so that they can carry out your hair diagnosis.

You can find their different addresses on this link: https: //

21 - What is the purpose of the products contained in the box?

Preparatory shampoo : Gently removes dust and oil residues.

Shampoing masque-argile : Purifie les cheveux et le cuir chevelu des résidus occlusifs tels que les silicones (la possible texture rêche du cheveu suite à son utilisation est normal et disparaitra après l’utilisation de l’après-shampoing).

Pigments colorants ajoutés à l’eau : Colore les cheveux en créant une gaine de protection autour de la fibre et purifie le cuir chevelu.

L’après-shampoing : Aide à retirer les derniers petits grains de la couleur + hydrate le cuir chevelu et les cheveux qui ont été purifiés par l’argile et la coloration = facilite le démêlage et apporte brillance et douceur.

22- Does coloring have a sheathing effect?

The "thicker hair" effect thicker hair "effect is obtained by the sheathing action of coloring .

This winning action is itself obtained thanks to the thickness and regularity of the product applied as a cataplasmThis winning action is obtained thanks to the thickness and regularity of the product applied as a cataplasm, which, by coating the hair, leaves a colouring and protective sheath after rinsing, which also makes the hair more resistant.

To allow this to happenIt is important that all the hair is well coated, applying well in the direction of the hair scales.

Tip: Apply to the lengths by taking the product directly into your hand to ensure that enough is applied.

If the hair is weakenedIf the hair is fragile, it may take 2 to 3 sessions for the sheath to become sufficiently fixed.

At the same time, it will be very important to moisturise and nourish the hair to keep the scales healthy.

Video tutorial application :


23 - With the Biocoiff' plant-based coloring will I completely cover my white hair?

The coloring plant works by superimposing color (as in drawing).

Ce qui fait que les cheveux blancs sont un avantage puisqu’il vous donne la possibilité de choisir entre 2 résultats :

1/ A shaded color (as if you had made strands lighter to bring light)

2/ A uniform color

In both cases, white hair is covered. They are simply used in a different way

24 - Is it possible to have a pack to make strands and a coloring ?

A formula for coloring is established according to your current and desired color .

If you are hesitating between a color uniform or a color with lighter shades brought by strands/brush techniques, we advise you to make an appointment with one of our partners, as these techniques can only be done in a salon

25 - I am 70 years old, with more than 35 years of chemical coloring behind me, with or without strands depending on the period, and of course I have grey hair: do you think that a coloring plant-based product would be suitable for me, to restore suppleness, vigour and shine to my hair, and at what maintenance rate?

We naturally lose between 100 and 150 hairs a day, sometimes doubling or tripling at the change of

spring and autumn season.

If the hair loss is more severe, it may be due to : - A dehydrated scalp,

- An oily scalp,

- A scalp choked with occlusive residues,

This is often the result of unsuitable shampoos that are too harsh and/or too full of occlusive ingredients. But also because of a lack of care for the scalp, which is often neglected for fear of making it greasy, and because of chemical actions such as certain colorings, certain straightening techniques etc...

Our hair capital is depleted over time. To preserve it, the colorings plant-based are a plus but they do not replace the nourishing and moisturizing care that should be done on the hair but also on the scalp, to allow the hair to be healthy, shiny, soft and supple.

The properties of coloring plant-based are:

1/ Dyeing property colouring Adds highlights to the hair, darkening it if necessary and colouring white hair.

2/ Sheathing sheathing Envelops the hair, creating a protective sheath that limits the consequences of various direct aggressions (= hair dryer, brush, pollution, sun).

3/ Purifying and purifying and stimulating The synergy of the different Ayurvedic plants provides the scalp with toning and purifying properties, favouring its microcirculation, which in turn plays an important role in hair growth and in slowing down hair loss.

A decrease in microcirculation is not the only factor in hair loss.

26 - I have been doing colorings plant-based for several months now, I find that my hair is darker than before, is this normal?

The formula of a coloring is established according to the diagnosis and the photos that you have sent us. Each formula is tailor-made and depends on the current color of your hair.

The formula should be applied according to the advice given.

Si vous souhaitez refaire la même couleur sur vos RACINES qui ont repoussées, vous pouvez conserver la même formule.

(CAUTION: if you notice the appearance of white hair or a greater amount of white hair, the formula will have to be updated).

Si vous souhaitez refaire la même couleur OU changer la couleur sur vos LONGUEURS, vous ne devez pas appliquer le même mélange sinon vous aller foncer votre couleur et avoir une impression de racines trop claires.

-> You must make a new diagnosis by sending us a new photo so that we can see how your coloring has evolved, in order to adapt the formula to your needs.

(CAUTION: regularly applying color to your hair will darken your hair. Don't forget that plant-based will not be able to lighten your hair if you find it too dark).

27 - How long before switching to Biocoiff' vegetal coloring ?

If your previous color is less than one month old :

There are few roots, so making a new color is too early unless you want to change your current color .

In this case, be careful as the overlay of color will darken your current color as plant-based cannot lighten.

If your previous color is more than one month old :

It is preferable to wait at least 1 to 2 months in order to have 1 to 2 cm of root, to avoid the superposition of

color on already coloured hair. FOR A FIRST TIME coloring

In the box color, a clay shampoo will be offered, allowing the removal of occlusive residues that could act as a barrier to the plant coloring .

There is no time limit between a coloring and a coloring Biocoiff, except for the fact that the roots should be present enough to avoid overloading color.


28 - Can you send me a box color from a photo found on the internet?

The coloring plant process is different from the classic oxidation process at coloring .

The plants contained in the coloring plant grow by offering us their by offering us their color thanks to the contact of the naturally acidic pH of our hair.

Each color obtained is a personalised color that has been developed thanks to your own pH.

We can get close to the colours you like, but we won't be able to achieve the same color as you would find in a photo.

Your request has nevertheless been passed on to our colourists and we will come back to you if a change of formula would be more appropriate in relation to the result obtained and the one you want.

As far as the coverage of the hair is concerned, this is due to the application, which must be carried out with very fine separations by depositing the product in a cataplasm and not kneading it afterwards


29 - The color is only 4 weeks old. Is this normal?

The coloring is a coloring which is fixed around the hair, creating a sheath around it.

These pigments are held in place by the naturally acidic pH of the hair's keratin, in contrast to the classic colorings oxidation pigments, which have an alkaline pH and cause bleeding over time.

Therefore, the durability of a coloring is longer than that of a conventional coloring and this durability depends on 2 things:

-> Care given to the hair to maintain the health of its scales, allowing the good adhesion of this colouring sheath;

-> The type of shampoos used, which, if not adapted both by its composition and its pH, can alter the sheath of color.

Moreover, if the shampoo is washed very frequently, it is normal that the washing action of the surfactants contained in a shampoo can have an impact on its durability.

At present, your objective being to lighten your color, and the plant-based not being able in theory to allow it due to its strong holding and its process, the fact that your color is currently a plus to reach your objective color.

We invite you to make a new diagnosis each time you order a box, by attaching photos of your hair so that we can adapt the formula and get closer to your goal color step by step as long as this is possible.

At the same time, we invite you to make an appointment at one of our partner salons so that they can carry out a complete diagnosis of your hair and scalp, in order to be able to advise you on the most appropriate shampoos and treatments.

30 - I want to order my box color I don't remember the nuance, if I choose to buy my box directly color how can I be sure that it is the same as last time?

Si vous souhaitez refaire la même couleur sur vos racines que la fois précédente, votre formule est enregistrée sur votre fiche cliente.

If you wish to make a change or re-colour your hair, we advise you to make a new diagnosis by sending us photos of your hair.

The coloring plant-based colouring is done by layering. If you lengthen your color with the same mixture as the previous time, the color risk of your lengths being too dark and your roots will have a lighter color impression.

28 reviews of Box color START (1st time)

  1. celine (Confirmed customer)

    I had trouble receiving my color and had to call the customer service many times before my box was resent.

    So I was able to do my coloring as agreed at home. I was happy with the very natural result that met my expectations.

  2. link_hoa.pham (Confirmed customer)

    I received my START Color Box quickly and was delighted with the very precise advice given for the first plant-based coloring. I followed it precisely and am "happy" with the result! I am now a fan of truly organic hair coloring.

  3. Danielle (Confirmed customer)

    I am completely satisfied with the plant-based coloring (and pleasantly surprised). Beautiful highlights, holds well and the explanation in the box is very clear. The only downside may be the scent (similar to henna) but people around me don't perceive it and it disappears after the first shampoo. In any case, my thin hair seemed denser and less brittle. I'll adopt it.

  4. do.msn (Confirmed customer)

    I received my box and frankly people who have allergies because of the pigments in chemical colors can without any regrets do this plant-based color. I really want to thank you because my scalp did not itch and I have no more white hair. Thank you very much.

  5. EMILIE (Confirmed customer)

    J’ai reçu ma commande rapidement.
    Et pour une première coloration végétale je suis vraiment satisfaite!
    Résultat très naturel!
    Je vais continuer avec les produits biocoiff!!
    C’est vraiment super de pouvoir faire sa couleur professionnelle végétale à domicile (quand on a des enfants en bas âge ça facilite grandement les choses)

  6. Debbora

    I received my box quickly and the explanations were clearly indicated step by step. My hair is soft and silky. To be recommended :)

  7. alchartier (Confirmed customer)

    Tout simplement génial!!
    Dès la première application j’ai retrouver ma couleur brune naturelle, les cheveux blancs sont complétement dissimulés! Dans le temps la couleur évolue très bien, elle éclaircie légèrement tout en laissant en rendu naturel.

  8. manu.lilirosis (Confirmed customer)

    Je suis super contente d’avoir tenté la coloration végétale biocoiff avec cette box! Je n’étais pas rassurée du tout…Mais tout est scrupuleusement expliqué sans parlé du résultat! Plus aucune trace de mon ancienne couleur affreuse laissée par les mèches, j’ai obtenu un très beau marron! Cette box est très bien faite, il y a tout le nécessaire!
    Seul bémol, il vaut mieux être patient! Je recommanderai!

  9. Océane (Confirmed customer)

    I have absolutely no regrets that I finally opted for the vegetable coloring with the box color Biocoiff. This is the first time (since years of chemical colorings !) that my scalp doesn't itch during the coloring. Usually it's a real pain for me during the application time. After rinsing, my hair dries and...magic! They are really shiny and the color is natural with some highlights. My hair looks much more supple and healthy, I have been fighting for too long against my dull and fragile hair...Thanks Biocoiff ;-)

  10. DANIEL (Confirmed customer)

    Nice to meet you! Won over !
    I got my diagnosis very quickly and my first box. Easy to apply, compared to chemical coloring you don't have a frozen head or a completely stained skull and you don't get it everywhere. The result is great, natural with highlights, silky and soft hair ! I highly recommend it !

  11. clement (Confirmed customer)

    The box is a little long but the result is great, I am delighted and I highly recommend it to people allergic to ppd colours. Thank you very much.

  12. Agnès (Confirmed customer)

    J’ai essayé la box couleur biocoiff au mois d’août, et je viens de commander ma deuxième box (deux mois après) tellement je suis contente du résultat: les reflets naturels de mes cheveux sont là, la texture des cheveux est visiblement meilleure (et ce n’est pas moi qui le dit, mais mes amies!!). Les cheveux blancs réapparaissent beaucoup moins vite, et malgré la longueur du processus de coloration (qui est le seul bémol à mon avis), il reste agréable car les produits naturels ont une odeur agréable, ne piquent pas, et surtout tout est très bien expliqué dans le petit livret fourni.
    Je recommande chaudement!

  13. Adèle Duval (Confirmed customer)

    Pour ma part, cela faisait longtemps que je voulais avoir les cheveux un peu plus foncé que j’avais ( un châtain ) je voulais un marron glacé..
    Je n’ai pas osé faire une coloration basique car je prend mille et un soins pour mes cheveux et je n’avais pas envie de les abîmer.. J’ai découvert biocoiff par des recherches car je m’interesse de plus en plus au vegan, au bio..
    J’ai donc fait une commande avec des soins et une commande de couleur.
    Je trouve sympa le fait que la couleur soit réalisé selon notre pourcentage de cheveux blancs, épaisseur etc.
    Le GROS BEMOL c’est que je trouve qu’il n’y a pas d’attention porté à la couleur choisi.. Un simple nuancier pas très clair et voilà, fin. J’aimerai qu’il y ai quand même un peu plus de suivi au niveau de la couleur choisi, savoir si ca va vraiment donné la couleur promise selon notre couleur de base etc.
    J’ai donc reçu ma couleur, au niveau de l’application j’ai trouve ça niquel, au niveau des instructions et du contenu aussi.
    Le temps de pose est plus long qu’une couleur normal mais cela n’a pas été un problème.
    Compliqué à rincer mais bon, ce n’est pas vraiment un bémol..
    Au niveau du résultat, mes cheveux sont quand même au touché plus sec.. mais ça va.
    J’avais très peur pour ma couleur qui donnais des reflets vert/roux au séchage.. Mais je suis très contente du résultat!
    Je recommencerai!!!

  14. clear (Confirmed customer)

    This is my second plant-based hair color but the first one with a biocoiff color. 
    I am really happy with the result, the color is great and my hair looks beautiful and healthy.
    It's only the beginning because I want to switch to plant-based products for good. I'm looking forward to seeing the result in the long term.
    I did the color only 6 days ago, it is really beautiful and the color is intense with nice highlights.
    The ylang ylang conditioner is amazing.
    I will now test the tea tree shampoo for oily hair, I think that the chemical shampoos used before only accentuated this phenomenon. We'll see the result!

  15. tatasylvie (Confirmed customer)

    I am allergic to PPD (even pharmacy colors) with rashes, itching, very heavy hair loss, I just did my first hair color from biocoiff ... I am more than happy, no itching, no burning scalp, my white hair roots are perfectly covered, my hair is soft and silky !!! for the first time I don't have to take solupred and antihistamines,

  16. Sandrine (Confirmed customer)

    Hello, satisfied with my first box of plant-based coloring, I felt that it dried out my hair but I think it is the result of years of chemical coloring. The box is very well presented, and the instructions are very clear. After the first application I had to wait a week before I could go back to the pool because my hair really bled out during the first shampoo. Concerning, the color it took well on all my hair although the roots are a little orange with green highlights. I specify that I have 100% white hair. so I will ask the colorist what can be improved for my next order, because it is not easy to make a diagnosis remotely. I strongly recommend plant-based hair coloring. Certainly it is a little expensive but it is an investment because more miracle products to buy I stay with the plant-based coloring and moreover I will invest in shampoos and conditioners and that's it. I have already sorted out the products in my bathroom. Good coloring to all.

  17. misstigrous (Confirmed customer)

    I just tried out my first stall. I had a hard time choosing from the color chart. But I would like to thank you for your welcome and your availability to answer all my questions. So I received my color, at the level of the application I found it well done, at the level of the instructions and the content as well. The exposure time is longer than a normal color but it was not a problem. I recommend Biocoiff's plant-based color. I would do it again and ask the colorist to improve the copper-orange highlights that I don't like.

  18. Sandrine Bouché (Confirmed customer)

    I just did my first biocoiff color. I had already tested organic hair coloring (logona...) which never covered my white hair. I was quite sceptical about that but I'm very pleasantly surprised: no more white hair! Moreover, it is not difficult to obtain a homogeneous and easy to apply paste (a bonus when you apply it alone). I immediately found the quantity of powder generous and I only used half of it: I can therefore do a second coloring. I highly recommend it!

  19. Elise (Confirmed customer)

    It took 2 months to place my order, then 1 month to dare to do the coloring, it's done! And finally it wasn't so complicated! Only 27 years old but already a lot of white hair that made me feel bad, there was no way I was going to do a chemical hair coloring. So I decided to go plant-based and have no regrets: I chose this website because thanks to the diagnosis, I wasn't taking the risk of making a big mistake with my color. I wanted to cover my white hair by staying as close as possible to my natural color. Very good result: I have pretty highlights and nobody except the observant girlfriends noticed that I had done a coloring. The white hair seems lighter but is covered. The products included in the box are very good, I'll reorder by adding shampoo and conditioner. And the great after-sales service called me to find out if the color was suitable. Now I have to see how the color lasts in time, it's been 15 days, but otherwise I highly recommend it!

  20. Alena (Confirmed customer)

    Color done today, the paste does not break, holds really well on the hair. And a perfect finish. I love it. On the other hand the price is a bit high... it's unfirtunate.

  21. Armelle (Confirmed customer)

    "It's a WILD thing," as my sons would say. A huge thank you, I live in New Caledonia and I thought I would continue my life, already well underway, to despair at the loss of my hair and the increasingly unbearable itching of chemical colors. I discovered your site by chance. I just did my first plant-based coloring this morning, my hair and my skull owe you their salvation. Yet when I saw the green powders, I had a moment of hesitation... But in the end, I am bluffed and won over. Besides, considering the transport delays, I have just re-ordered another box. Thanks to the whole team, for the good done to the environment and for our hair beauty, real magicians!

  22. ROFFARELLO MONGE (Confirmed customer)

    I placed an order at the end of July, ultra fast delivery. Me who has been doing henna for years I can tell you that I have seen the difference, no more highlights red... Small downside the color did not take well behind the ears and the color is not quite as on the color chart, I think that given the amount of my white hair I would have needed a coloring in 2 steps, I will report next time.

  23. Laurence (Confirmed customer)

    J’ai été agréablement surprise et bluffée pour le coup. Je ne m’attendais pas un tel résultat. Douceur et cheveux soyeux, des reflets extraordinaires et très proches de la couleur choisie.
    Je n’ai eu aucune démangeaisons.
    Je tiens à remercier anitha de l’équipe Biocoiff pour ses précieux conseils.
    Je recommande a 100%.

  24. mary (Confirmed customer)

    Première coloration pour moi, et donc première coloration naturelle…! Autant dire que je me posais quand même quelques questions…mais je me suis lancée, et je ne regrette pas!
    Pour le diagnostique, pas facile de savoir quelle est la bonne couleur sur des images aussi petites. Réception de la box ultra rapide. Explications du livret très bien. Les produits à appliquer avant et après la couleur sont vraiment bien. Pour ce qui est de la couleur, je dois bien avouer que j’ai eu comme un doute en voyant la couleur verte et l’odeur d’épinard… mais je préfère quand même cette odeur à celle du shampoing colorant chimique qu’utilisait ma mère … donc je me suis lancée ! Il faut un certain temps pour l’appliquer mais j’étais prévenue. Juste deux bémols : les gants fournis sont trois fois trop grand, et la charlotte s’est déchirée quand je l’ai mise sur ma tête … J’ai donc remis un vieux bonnet par dessus pour maintenir pendant le temps de pause. Lavage un peu impressionnant quand on voit la couleur verte qui part dans la baignoire…on se demande s’il va rester quelque chose sur les cheveux… résultat au séchage : très contente de la couleur; les cheveux blancs sur les racines sont totalement disparus, par contre, je n’ai pas eu assez de couleur pour bien en appliquer sur les longueurs (pourtant je n’ai pas les cheveux très longs, juste en dessous des épaules), du coup, je pense qu’il n’y a pas eu assez de produit sur les longueurs et les cheveux blancs sont encore là… je suis déçue car si ceux des racines ont disparus, je me dis que cela aurait pu être possible de tout faire disparaitre… J’ai demandé si je pouvais avoir un peu de couleur en plus pour refaire les longueurs, j’espère que le SAV sera réceptif à ma demande, à suivre ! En tout cas, n’hésitez pas, cela marche bien ! Je recommande.

  25. Françoise (Confirmed customer)

    Une première commande et la satisfaction d’être livrée très rapidement.
    Et une très jolie surprise !
    D’abord parce qu’il faut du temps, et ce temps c’est un cadeau que l’on se fait à soi même et à ses cheveux : shampoing, masque, préparation de son mélange, application…
    Et à ce moment opère la magie : d’un mélange étrange de poudre se révèle une couleur magnifique et profonde.
    Mes cheveux sont roux, ils brillent et semblent être plus épais.
    Une première expérience concluante, je suis convertie !

  26. Solène (Confirmed customer)

    Première coloration faite il y quelques mois et j’en suis ravie! La couleur est belle, à l’effet naturel avec des reflets. Exactement comme je le souhaitais. Elle camoufle bien les cheveux blancs. Mes cheveux sont en meilleure forme et bien plus beaux qu’avec une coloration chimique.
    Il faut prévoir une bonne demi journée avec les temps de pause pour l’application, mais rien d’insurmontable.
    J’adopte définitivement la coloration Bio coiff’!

  27. Maria (Confirmed customer)

    Super happy with the result after 6 months! My hair is soft and healthy! It stays strong and the color lasts a long time! I love it and I'll stick to coloring !

  28. Dechambre (Confirmed customer)

    I will do my color only with biocoiff but my hair is healthier and has a new shine and the color is great but I don't know how long it lasts

    • Gary Admin

      It's a permanent color !

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