Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Fenugreek for regrowth and strength

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Fenugreek Solid Shampoo is Nature & Progrès certified TEST, Vegan & Cruelty free certified and is made in France.

Without artificial fragrance, preservative or colouring agent, its formula was developed by a herbalist and an aromatherapist.

The saponification of this shampoo is done cold in order to fully preserve the properties of each plant.

Fenugreek has the ability to strengthen yourhair and stimulate growth in the heart of the scalp.


Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Fenugreek

Strength and Growth

Nature et Progrèsvegan and organic shampoo






  • Sensitised hair
  • Weakened hair
  • Tendency for hair loss



  • Strengthens the hair
  • Stimulates growth
  • Fights against hair loss

Used by Indian women to maintain their hair, Fenugreek is full of virtues.

To participate in your zero-waste bathroom, fenugreek solid shampoo is your best ally.

In addition to stimulating growth and slowing down hair loss, it strengthens and adds shine to your hair.

Native to North Africa, Fenugreek has many benefits for both your hair and scalp. Its two main properties: strengthening and stimulating.


The effects of Certified Organic Solid Shampoo with Fenugreek for sensitive hair

Hair can be sensitised for a number of reasons: the application of abrasive products, regular use of heating appliances, the sun, the sea, etc.

That's why it's important to preserve and strengthen your hair.

Fenugreek is naturally rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It moisturises and nourishes your hair in depth, giving it shine and strength.

The combination of jojoba and lemon will deeply nourish and moisturise your hair to give it a silky smooth effect.

Your hair will regain its shine and softness.


The effects of Organic Solid Shampoo with Fenugreek on hair loss

We are all confronted with hair loss to a greater or lesser extent. It is normal to lose up to a hundred hairs a day.

What's not so bad is losing a lot more and seeing the amount of hair diminish visibly .

Our hair will be completely exhausted if it is not preserved.

So taking care of your scalp is therefore very important.

The powers of the 4 plants, namely fenugreek, atlas cedar, castor oil and rosemary will combine toactivate the blood circulation.

This action on the scalp will have the effect of stimulate the growth and the growth of the hair.


Capacity : 90g

Additional Information

Weight 0.230 kg

Instructions for use

How to use Fenugreek Solid Shampoo?

  1. On wet hair, apply the solid shampoo directly to your scalp.
  2. Gently massage each area of your scalp in a circular motion.
  3. With your fingertips, continue to massage your scalp.
  4. Slide on the lengths.
  5. Rinse

What products should I use this shampoo with?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine Force & Growth Organic Shampoo with the following products


INCI : Sodium olivate*, sodium cocoate*, sodium rapeseedate*, glycerin, aqua, sodium castorate*, sodium sesameseedate*, sodium jojobate*, cedrus atlantica bark oil*, trigonella foenum-graecum powder*, kaolin, citrus limon peel oil*, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil*, limonene**, citral**.

* Ingredients from organic farming.
** Compounds naturally present in essential oils.
65.46% of ingredients from organic farming.

6 opinions on Organic Solid Shampoo with Fenugreek for regrowth and strength

  1. Isabelle Popote -

    I am Mrs Isabelle Popote and I am interested in the solid shampoo with fenugreek. Please let me know when you have some

  2. Abtout -

    I am interested in the shampoo with fenugreek and geisha oil as soon as you have it. Thank you for letting me know. My best for 2021 to all.

  3. Hélène -

    I have been using this shampoo for several months now and it is really perfect! It lasts a long time and has had a very positive effect on my hair growth. I totally recommend it.
    On the other hand, I've ordered twice from the online shop and the products are really great, but it's a shame to order solid shampoos with almost no packaging and then have them delivered in a box filled with polystyrene...

  4. Emmeline (confirmed customer) -

    I tested this shampoo and I'm delighted with it. My hair, which had stopped growing since my pregnancy, has started to grow again.
    However, you don't need to have water that is too hard (mine is very, very hard), otherwise rinsing is complicated.

  5. Léa (confirmed customer) -

    Good shampoo but very complicated rinsing, leaves residue.

  6. Verona -

    The shampoos are very pleasant both in terms of smell and touch of the hair ... so I adopt without concern.

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