Certified organic Aloe Vera moisturising and styling gel

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The Organic Aloe Vera Gel styles without sticking: it's the perfect ally to discipline men's, women's and children's hair.

Unlike traditional styling gels, which are always more and more fixed with a "cement" effect (often one of the causes of early hair loss for both men and women), the soft fixing power of Aloe Vera Gel allows you to style without damaging or drying out your hair.  

MoisturizerSheathing, regenerating and anti-oxidant, Biocoiff's Aloe Vera Gel will protect your hair from external aggressions, as well as from your hair's natural dehydration.

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Certified organic Aloe Vera moisturising and styling gel for hair

cosmebio shampoovegan and organic shampoo





  • The whole family
  • For hair that is electric and/or easily tangled
  • For itchy and peeling scalps



  • Cap without glue
  • Adding shine
  • Redesigns curls / or helps smoothing during blow-drying
  • Keeps hair healthy
  • Prevents dehydration
  • Helps to close the hair's scales 
  • Soothes itching and dry dandruff
  • Fights against hair loss


Biocoiff' Aloe Vera Gel fights against hair dehydration

Hair can be dehydrated following various treatments: chemical (colours, bleaching, straightening, perms, unsuitable shampoos), or natural aggressions (sea, sun, wind, heat, rubbing, etc.) .

These actions open up their scales, which prevents them from reflecting light and makes them dull.

The gel ofAloe Vera Biocoiff' gel limits the opening of the scales, and its moisturizing power smoothes the hair and makes it shiny.

helps to limit the opening of hair scales, in addition to providing hydration, which results in smoothing and shiny hair.


It is ideal for electric or tangled hair

Electric hair and/or hair that tangles easily is linked to the opening of hair scales phenomena.

Even a natural hair without chemical treatment is subject to this phenomenon, which is caused by various climatic actions.

Because of its protective action on the scales, Biocoiff's Aloe Vera Gel is one of the essential products to have in the bathroom to preserve the whole family's hair health.


Itis a must-have against dry dandruff

Unlike oily dandruff dry dandruff is the result of a dry scalp dry (lack of nutrition) that has had its protective hydrolipidic film removed.

The absence of this film causes dehydration of the scalp(water loss).

Lack ofhydration of the scalp causes itching, mild dandruff and hair loss.

Applying this Biocoiff' Aloe Vera Gel to the scalp will re-hydrate it, soothe itching and prevent the appearance of dry dandruff.

Capacity : 100mL


The benefits of Aloe Vera for the scalp

Nature offers us different kinds of species plant-based so that we can take care of ourselves.

One of the best plants in the world, and also the most used in cosmetics, is aloe vera.

It has numerous benefits for the hair and scalp.


What is aloe vera?

Aloe vera or Aloe Barbadensis is a green plant generally grown in tropical countries.

It contains two substances, latex and aloe vera gel, which provide multiple benefits for the body.

In cosmetics, the gel, a clear mucilage contained in the leaves of the plant, is mainly used.

Aloe vera gel is a high-quality natural ingredient for the manufacture of skin care and beauty products.


The virtues of aloe vera for the hair

Considered a miracle plant, aloe vera is full of components that are beneficial to the hair. The gel contains nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

What are the benefits ofaloe vera for the scal p?

Moisturising Virtue for your hair

The leaves of this plant are rich in water (over 95%), which is why they have a naturally moisturising effect on the hair. Aloe vera provides nourishing care, while strengthening and repairing dry and broken hair.

This restorative property also helps to soothe an irritated scalp.


Purifying virtue

The purifying action of aloe vera prevents the excessive production of sebum, which is responsible for an overly oily scalp.

The plant cleanses the skin of the head, so that frequent shampooing can be avoided.

It also removes the itching due to dry dandruff.


Hair growth

Aloe vera scalp promotes hair growth due to its high concentration of vitamins (A, B, C and E). These organic substances stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp, which helps hair to grow faster.

Organic Shampoo with Aloe Vera for dehydrated hair

This shampoo with aloe vera has been specially designed to moisturise dehydrated and coloured hair.

It also helps to limit the hair loss and soften electric hair for easy detangling.

It is a product that is suitable for relieving the scalp covered with dry dandruff.


Organic Aloe Vera gel moisturising and styling your hair

Made for the whole family, this gel styles and disciplines the hair while moisturizing it.

In addition to fixing your hair, this product protects it from dehydration, thanks to the antioxidant power of aloe vera gel.

For over 15 years, Biocoiff' has been using the benefits of plants to care for your hair and scalp.

Try hair products with aloe vera and see the results!

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg

Instructions for use

How do I use Biocoiff's Aloe Vera Gel?

  1. Apply on wet hair (without rinsing) :
    • SHORT HAIR use : spread the gel in your hands then apply to the whole hair and scalp.
    • LONG HAIR : to form curl, tilt your head downwards, apply starting with the tips by crumpling them in the hand; to smooth them: apply strand by strand smoothing them through the fingers.
  2. Proceed with the usual styling: natural drying, blow-drying or diffuser

Once the gel has been applied, during a natural drying process, the hair will lightly hold with a "wet" effect. To remove this effect, simply run your hand through the hair once dry for a more natural effect.

With which products should you use Biocoiff's Aloe Vera Gel?

Our hair experts recommend that you combine Biocoiff's Aloe Vera Gel with the following products:

The Story

It was in 1835 that a group of doctors first used Aloe vera to treat X-ray burns.

From then on, Aloe Vera gel made its entry and became a standard in the world of dermatological and cosmetic products for its numerous virtues.


INCI: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, Glycerin**, Dehydroacetic acid*, Xantham gum*, Benzyl alcohol*.

** Ingredients certified organic.
** Ingredients approved by Ecocert and/or European organic certification bodies.

24 reviews of Aloe Vera gel certified organic moisturizing and styling

  1. simsoun -

    Great! This gel allows me to style my hair while moisturising it. I recommend it :)

  2. Geneviève Konieczny (confirmed customer) -

    This gel helps to discipline the hair without weighing it down or making it sticky, very pleasant to use.

  3. Monique -

    Indeed this gel is "moisturizing", without being sticky. My split ends were repaired in one application. Very pleasant to use, it seems to protect the hair from the heat of the hair dryer.

  4. ida polo -

    Biocoiff gave me my hair back!!! This gel is very adapted to my extra dry hair. My hair is moisturized, not greasy, the curls are back in shape. I love it !!!

  5. polo  -

    Biocoiff gave me my hair back!!! This gel is very adapted to my extra dry hair. My hair is moisturized, not greasy, the curls are back in shape. I love it !!!

  6. martinerosam (confirmed customer) -

    Great product, I use the hair dryer a lot. This gel makes my hair silky, not greasy.
    I will definitely reorder some.

  7. Soraya OUZAR (confirmed customer) -

    I really couldn't believe it; I was incredibly surprised, my hair is alive and well protected from the dryer.

  8. philippe rolland -

    excellent product that structures my haircut well, giving it a shiny look. And once rinsed, it leaves my hair flexible. A real pleasure. I highly recommended it.

  9. Meals on Wheels (confirmed customer) -

    I used to use aloe vera gel to moisturise my afro hair but it was more compact whereas the BIO COIFF one is light and easy to apply so I will now order from the BIO COIFF online site for the moment I have 4 in stock from BIO COIFF it would be nice to make 200 ml containers I hope to get the discount code for giving my opinion for future orders as I have made several orders for solid shampoos and other products thank you

  10. Carine -

    Excellent product with a very good composition for the price ! Ideal for moisturising hair without weighing it down, or for re-styling on D+3 or D+4.
    You don't need much to have beautiful hair, contrary to what the consumer industry would have us believe...
    A good natural shampoo, spaced out washes, a good hydration with aloe vera, natural oils to nourish, less heat... I finally got my hair back.

  11. Delphine (confirmed customer) -

    This product has become indispensable: hair is light and goodbye to flaking! So I highly recommend...

  12. Syrine (confirmed customer) -

    I highly recommend it!
    I really like this product. It's a total part of my hair routine and has been for several years. This gel is moisturizing, does not leave a greasy finish and does not stick. In other words, it's a very good product at a very reasonable price !

  13. angelina.relin -

    This gel is great, my hair tends to turn into a huge hairball, a sun of hair... And with this gel it finally goes down ah ah!
    It's not sticky at all, very light and pleasant.

  14. Martine (confirmed customer) -

    A very good product, exactly what I needed (on a curly permed bob) to keep softness, flexibility, beautiful curls and HYDRATATION! Too bad it doesn't come in a spray to be sprayed on the hair!

  15. Philippe (confirmed customer) -

    I've been using this gel for years and I wouldn't change a thing. It's easy to apply, doesn't make your hands greasy and the wet hair looks great. And in the evening, a rinse with water and nothing appears. My hair is alive again thanks to this gel.

  16. franck.leroy.lafond (confirmed customer) -

    I thought it was too liquid at first. But then I came to fully appreciate it and realised that it still gives the shape you want (short hair in my case) when it dries. I like it when I use it now. I'm glad I'm not using a chemical-laden gel anymore.

  17. Clotilde Lino (confirmed customer) -

    It has helped me redefine my curls, I find it keeps for a long time

  18. KATCHE RAHAMA (confirmed customer) -


  19. foco (confirmed customer) -

    The gel gives a little structure to the style, and for hair that is a little "moussey", it's perfect!
    It doesn't stick and doesn't weigh down the hair.

  20. CHRIS -

    I only use the aloe vera shampoo to maintain my coloring vegetal, my hair is soft and moisturized I recommend

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