The barber is back and for good reason, the beard is now the subject of a new trend, hence the birth of several hairdressing salons dedicated solely to beards. If a three-day beard makes a man sexy, you just have to trim it perfectly to look elegant. With a well-groomed beard, a man becomes more distinguished than ever. In this article we will see the revival of this new trend and the practice of the barber's trade.


The barber, the trendThe barber, the trend

Who would have thought that the barber of our grandfathers' time would make a comeback like today? Bearded models can be found in celebrity magazines, and even young people are getting into it.

Depending on its cut, the beard characterizes a person and gives him a defined personality. Instead of looking scruffy, you can now wear a beard at the office, but only on one condition. It must be well cared for and controlled. In addition, the beard refines the face. If you have a round face, you will be able to lengthen it with a perfectly trimmed be ard.

However, it is not for everyone. Unless you have a well-defined style.

12 beard styles to discover here!


Who does the Barbershop business?

Is the barber's profession also a trend? The return of barbers has created jobs for many artists, who have long wondered how to exploit theirknow-how. However, being a barber is not just a passion.

It is an expert profession practiced by real dedicated hairdressers. So, having an appointment with a barber is like going to a beauty salon, and a luxury one at that.

Even if you go there for a shaving session, it is also a moment of absolute relaxation, since you will be pampered by a professional.

The barber is like the hairdresser, always on the lookout for new trends in beard cut and colour.

Because it's not just a question of trimming the moustache, but also of giving it a chic and elegant look.


Trendy styles

there are several styles of barbershops. First, there is the 3-day beard, if they tell you that a sloppy beard makes you look sexy, it may be true, but it's outdated.

You can be content with that, but you have to master it to take care of your appearance.

It's the most adopted style of the moment. It needs a good care, drawing its outline to perfection.

To do this, the area under the Adam's apple must be completely shaved.

It is best to use a professional lawnmower.


The 10-day beardThen there's the beard of 10 dayslonger, and easier to tame.

It gives a more elegant and charming look.

Preferably choose a cutting height between 8 and 12 mm.

You can also choose the full beard which has the advantage of being very easy to discipline.

You will be free to choose the cut and shape of your beard.

However, don't play with the mower, go to a professional.

Other fashionable styles? The goatee and the goatee beard, and of course the famous Ducktail which is characterized by a thick and long beard.

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