Is it possible to do a hair color during pregnancy?






The answer is simple:

it depends on the type of hair color you're going to use.  

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Doctors are increasingly advising pregnant women against chemical colorings because it contains substances that enter the bloodstream.

And this would have potentially harmful consequences for the health of the woman and the baby.


The alternative to this type of coloring is 100% plant-based color. Coloring pregnancy It does not enter the bloodstream but simply wraps itself around the hair to care for it, coat it, and color it.

Our clients are expecting and testify

"I can continue to look good while protecting my baby..."


Judith, discovered Biocoiff' salons during her pregnancy

"I stayed at home, I have a beautiful color and I am expecting my baby who will have a beautiful and organic mum."


Jessica, Biocoiff's online client, orders her color box during her pregnancy

The report of our client Judith at Biocoiff'.

Judith pushed the door of one of the Biocoiff' salons to get a plant-based color because she was pregnant.

She kindly agreed to be filmed and to give us her motivation and her impressions.

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Jessica, an online customer of Biocoiff' orders her box during her pregnancy

After many requests, Biocoiff' has launched its color box for all those who can't go to the salon to do a plant-based coloring. Pregnant women are the first to be interested. To do a hair color at home in complete safety for the baby.

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The Gynaecologist's opinion

"It is customary to prohibit chemical colorings during the first trimester of pregnancy..."

At Biocoiff, we are often asked about the danger of chemical coloring during pregnancy. To clarify things, we went to interview a gynaecologist-obstetrician in his office in Paris.

Here are his expert explanations on the sensitivity of the body during pregnancy and on the use of plant-based colors.

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Plants and gentleness in our colors...

Can I colour my hair in early pregnancy?

coloring in early pregnancy: applying the precautionary principle

Pregnancy is a happy event during which the mother-to-be takes great care of her diet, the quality of her sleep and the choice of her physical and sporting activities.

But what about her beauty routine and in particular the coloring hair?

A closer look at the risks associated with traditionalcoloring in early pregnancy and an alternative solution for a radiant head of hair.

Traditional coloring in early pregnancy: better to abstain

The beginning of pregnancy can create doubts in your mind about your health choices, both yours and your baby's.
The use of beauty products is certainly not exempt from your questions, especially when it comes to the coloring of your hair.
Cancolouring your hair in early pregnancy harm your baby?

Health experts believe that the chemicals in traditional dyes could be absorbed by your highly vascularized scalp and make their way into your bloodstream to the fetus.

In the first half of pregnancy, as the baby's vital organs are forming, the many potentially harmful ingredients found in conventional hair products can be harmful.

How to safely colour your hair in early pregnancy?

Of course, it is possible to continue to dye your hair and still ensure your baby's health.

The most attractive alternative is the use of coloring .

It is made from organically grown plants.

woman pregnancy coloring

Unlike the chemical coloring , the plant-based colouring productcoats the hair, sheathing it without ever attacking it.

It nourishes and strengthens the hair, giving it strength, shine, suppleness and shine.

It is therefore perfectly possible to colour your hair in early pregnancy while respecting your baby's health. All you need to do is use healthy products, including colorings plant-based .


They colored their hair without any concern 

"I am 6 months pregnant and I was able to do my color as I wanted"

Vanessa's "before and after" at Biocoiff: "I'm pregnant and I would like to be more careful at the products that pass into the bloodstream...

Anne, six months pregnant, discovered Biocoiff' on the internet and came to see us so that she could do her hair coloring without fear. # pregnancy coloring

Vanessa is a young client who came to the salon to create a plant-based color. A few months pregnant, after damaging chemical experiments...she chooses to switch to organic coloring for her pregnancy. # Pregnancy coloring

I too want to do my color without any concern!

Did you know that?

In Denmark, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid conventional colors/dyes.

A little known subject in France, very few media have presented this potential danger, but in Denmark, pregnant women have a list of useful tips to reduce the potential dangers of chemicals on the foetus.

Here are three tips from this list:

  • Do not color your hair during pregnancy.
  • At least use cosmetics made for pregnant women.
  • Avoid contact with paint and various spray products.

These tips shouldn't be taken lightly, among the long list of things to avoid during pregnancy, we can list the following:

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"Many pregnant women ask themselves what they should or should not do during their pregnancy.
A gynaecologist client who regularly comes to Biocoiff' was interviewed during one of her sessions at the salon.
We asked her a few questions about the pregnant women she sees in her Paris practice:"

Should a pregnant woman care for her hair differently?

Of course! With the hormonal modifications, it would be good that she turns to natural, even organic products and to plant-based colors so as not to affect her body even more.

Do your pregnant patients ask you about this?

Yes, I see them for up to 6 months of pregnancy, then they are taken care of at the hospital or clinic, and if I have a request or questions from them during this period, I tell them that it is not proven that there are any risks but that in their most fragile state, it is preferable to take care of their hair with natural and organic products.

And after the birth?

After giving birth, there are still hormonal changes and very often they complain of having hair loss or dry, dull hair, and here more than ever, hair care is very useful and if they need to make colors, thanks to the plant-based colors, in general, they can regain natural hair and a good level of shine.

What about you? Since you are a Biocoiff' customer, are you satisfied with the salon's hair products?

I am 100% satisfied, I use organic care products and I have been coming to Biocoiff' for several months to do vegetal colors and shampoos that I find great ! My hair has been damaged, dry, dull because of classic colors, classic treatments, shampoos and my decision has been taken to turn to organic.

Coloring during pregnancy: mistakes to avoid


During pregnancy, the woman's body undergoes changes due to the increase in hormone levels.

Often, this transformation, along with some inconveniences, makes her want to feel beautiful at all price.

However, caution should be exercised regarding the application of certain aggressive products, as the body of a pregnant woman is more sensitive.

The coloring during pregnancy? Yes, but 100% plant-based only!

Why should you feel beautiful during pregnancy?

Weight gain, stretch marks, heavy legs or greasy hair...

coloring pregnant woman

A myriad of inconveniences undermine the morale of the mother-to-be.

She feels unsettled, she loses confidence, sometimes she feels sadness coming on.

However, you should be aware that stress and anxiety should be avoided during this stressful phase of pregnancy.

Such a psychological effect greatly reduces the production ofoxytocin, the hormone that helps you to feel calm, to feel good about yourself as a pregnant woman and to have a smoother birth.

In short, a happy pregnancy can only happen if you take care of yourself and your hair!

Hence the importance of feeling beautiful throughout this period.

Avoid colorings chemicals at all times price

Wanting to look good when you are pregnant does not mean neglecting your health and that of your baby.

Your body is more vulnerable than usual and needs to be pampered as much as possible.

change of color hair during pregnancy

Therefore, avoid all types of chemicals, especially conventional hair dyes.

These colorings chemicals contain dangerous substances that enter the bloodstream and reach the foetus.

Doctors and gynaecologists strictly forbid these types of colorings, as the risks are very real: allergic reactions, pathologies, neurological disorders, etc.

Promote coloring and organic hair cosmetics

A very good alternative to colorings is the 100% vegetable coloring during pregnancy.

It is a natural dye, based on vegetable ingredients such as henna, indigo, or amla.

The biggest advantage of coloring is the protection of your baby.

colorings plant-based

The natural dye does not penetrate the bloodstream, but is deposited on the surface of the hair to coat and colour it.

It is also preferable to choose organic hair care products, as they are more respectful of the health of pregnant women.

Natural and organic products help to care for the hair to make it shiny and healthy during pregnancy.

If you want to make yourself beautiful while pregnant and colour your hair without fear, contact the biocolourists at Biocoiff' salons or order the box color online.

coloring and pregnancy: should you seek medical advice?

During pregnancy, a woman likes to take care of herself and make herself beautiful. However, during this period, it is essential to choose cosmetic products carefully. In particular, regarding the compatibility between pregnancy and coloring , medical advice may be recommended.

The risks of chemical coloring during pregnancy

When you are expecting a baby, any products you apply to your hair can be absorbed by your baby.

This is because the scalp absorbs the chemical components in the colorings chemicals. These pass into the bloodstream and reach the foetus.

coloring itch

Formaldehyde, bleaches, solvents, ammonia and other substances that are harmful to health can reach the embryo.

These toxic elements can be highly carcinogenic.

Chemical colony could be the cause of various malformations, disorders of the brain and nervous system of a baby.

Especially when applied during the first three months of the foetus' life.

Seek medical advice if in doubt

Given all these risks, it is best to always seek medical advice.

Although there are no contraindications to the use of colorings during pregnancy, most doctors will not recommend it.

Medical advice and pregnancy Pharmaceutical companies also share this view.

For example, in Denmark, chemical hair colorings is strongly discouraged for pregnant women.

Quite simply, because professionals know that the deleterious effects of these chemical solvents are multiplied when a woman is pregnant.

The latter is at greater risk of developing pathologies than someone who is not expecting a baby.

coloring : the best solution for pregnant women

If you want to make a color, opt for 100% vegetable dye which is a safe solution for your child.

Choose products with cosmetic certification labels (such as ECOCERT) that exclude toxic substances from their ingredients.

Natural dyes will respect your health and especially that of your baby.

They are free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, etc. But they are only made of natural powders from plants such as henna, indigo, turmeric, madder...

Woman pregnancy

The colorings plant-based do not penetrate the scalp, they only coat the hair, and will never pass into the placenta.

In addition, they provide care for your hair, giving it a shinier and softer appearance.

At Biocoiff', colorings hair products offer a wide range of colours and protect the health of baby and mother.

Best Ammonia Free Hair Color for Pregnant Women

A pregnant woman must take care of her health and that of her baby. For the beauty routine, she should avoid the use of chemicals that are very harmful .

For the hair, for example, coloring should be chosen with great care. Ammonia should be avoided.

Can we trust the words "Ammonia free" on dyes?

Be careful, this does not mean anything, because ammonia is often replaced by a molecule that is even worse for your health and that of your baby.

This chemical serves as a catalyst to open the hair scales to allow artificial pigmentation.

The classic coloring brands have removed ammonia from their formulas because of its toxicity.

However, in the absence of this component, another, still toxic, is used: ethanolamine.

pregnant woman coloring without ammonia

The consequences of chemical coloring on a pregnant woman

In addition to the harmful effects on the hair, the chemical coloring can represent a realdanger for the foetus.

Medicine strongly advises against this type of coloring, as it contains only potentially toxic agents such as PPD, peroxide or resorcinol.

These components can form carcinogenic molecules.

The coloring chemical can contain endocrine disruptors causing skin rashes, allergies...

And during pregnancy, these chemicals reach and cross the placental barrier through the bloodstream.

This could lead to various pathologies, hormonal and neurological disorders.

The baby can be stunted in the womb, but can also be born with deformities.

coloring vegetal pregnant woman

The ideal coloring solution for a pregnant woman

Although pregnant women should not use chemical coloring , there is a solution for them to make a beautiful color : coloring .

It is 100% natural and safe for both mother and baby.

This is because coloring does not pass into the bloodstream, as it only covers the surface of the hair.

It is more health-friendly, non-aggressive and just as effective as a chemical coloring .

The Biocoiff' brand offers a certified ammonia-freecoloring for pregnant women. COSMEBIObut much more than that. It offers a wide range of colours with pigments from plants: Henna, indigo, turmeric, etc.

In short, coloring contains healthy and organic ingredients for hair that is sheathed, shiny and silky.

Not to mention the protection it offers your baby.

Give your hair a natural beauty, without risk for your baby

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