During pregnancy, the coloring hair is a headache for the pregnant woman.

For the beauty routine, she should avoid the use of chemicals which are very harmful .

For the hair, for example, coloring should be chosen with great care. Ammonia should be avoided.


Can we trust the "Ammonia Free" label on dyes during pregnancy?

Be careful, this does not mean anything, because ammonia is often replaced by a molecule that is even worse for your health and that of your baby.

This chemical serves as a catalyst to open the hair scales to allow artificial pigmentation.

pregnant woman coloring without ammonia

The classic coloring brands have removed ammonia from their formulas because of its toxicity.

However, in the absence of this component, another, still toxic, is used: ethanolamine.



The consequences of chemical coloring on a pregnant woman's pregnancy

In addition to the harmful effects on the hair, the chemical coloring can represent a realdanger for the foetus.

Medicine strongly advises against this type of coloring, as it contains only potentially toxic agents such as PPD, peroxide or resorcinol.

These components can form carcinogenic molecules.

coloring vegetal pregnant woman

The coloring chemical can contain endocrine disruptors causing skin rashes, allergies...

And during pregnancy, these chemicals reach and cross the placental barrier through the bloodstream.

This could lead to various pathologies, hormonal and neurological disorders.

The baby can be stunted in the womb, but can also be born with deformities.


The ideal coloring solution for a pregnant woman

Although pregnant women should not use chemical coloring , there is a solution for them to make a beautiful color : coloring .

It is 100% natural and safe for both mother and baby.

woman pregnancy coloring

This is because coloring does not pass into the bloodstream, as it only covers the surface of the hair.

It is more health-friendly, non-aggressive and just as effective as a chemical coloring .

The Biocoiff' brand offers a certified ammonia-freecoloring for pregnant women. COSMEBIObut much more than that. It offers a wide range of colours with pigments from plants: Henna, indigo, turmeric, etc.

In short, coloring contains healthy and organic ingredients for hair that is sheathed, shiny and silky.

Not to mention the protection it offers your baby.