Yes indeed, it is possible to cover white hair with organic hair colors. We welcome many clients at the salon for that reason. Watch Charley discussing that matter in an interview. English subbed (click on the icon).

Henna is a plant but as you continue applications it will dry the hair. Also, one must always check where it’s coming from since some henna contains additive lead in order to anchor the color. More details in this video. English subbed (click on the icon).

Yes, vegetal dyes even longer than chemical dyes. Explanations in video. English subbed (click on the icon).

During pregnancy, the body is more sensitive and many doctors advise women against hair treatment because of substances in direct contact with the skin. Coloring you hair during that time is possible but not with just any colors. Biocoiff’ made a video report on the subject. English subbed (click on the icon).

The two types of colors don’t have the same active process on the hair fiber. We have summed up the differences. Watch the Biocoiff’ animation-video and you’ll understand in images how the organic colors work and what the many advantages are. English subbed (click on the icon).

YES. Regarding afro textured hair, we have a specific formula based on shea butter, tulipwood balm and other magical substances that moisture and nourish perfectly that type of hair.

That specific question is frequently asked in organic stores, sometimes with a lot of emotions. No of course, products used at Biocoiff’ are not tested on animals. Animal testing totally goes against the idea of natural cosmetology. It goes without saying that our products do not contain hidden animal ingredients. Some vegan organisations come to Biocoiff”. For that reason, Biocoiff hair salon partnered with Paris Vegan Day and was in charge of styling models during the fashion show.


At Biocoiff, colors are prepared on the spot, in the “laborganic” side of the salon and in a personalized manner. One formula per client, no one is the same. We have shot a little sample video with Charley explaining that. Not subbed.




Organic hair colors should be the only one existing. We are tempted to answer that they are meant for everyone. Cover white and grey hair, change style, do highlights, organic hair colors answer to every desire except for one: going from brown to blond. The advantage of organic hair colors is that they are also treatments adding extra quality to the hair. For health reasons, they are also meant for people with allergies, pregnant women, people under heavy medical treatment who can no longer undergo chemical hair colors.



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