Report at Biocoiff’.

Judith stepped in Biocoiff’ in order to get an organic hair color since she was pregnant. She kindly accepted to be filmed and gave us her feedback and motivations : [pullquote_left] “I can keep making myself pretty while protecting my baby…”   


Interview of a Physician in Obstetric and Gynecology

At Biocoiff, we are frequently asked about the danger of chemical hair colors during pregnancy. To clarify this point, we’ve been interviewing a gynecologist at her practice in Paris. These are her explanations on body sensitivity during pregnancy and the use of organic hair colors.

[pullquote_left] “(…)It’s common to ban chemical hair products during the 1st trimester/or first 6 months of pregnancy(…)”

Anne : “I am pregnant since six months and I could color my hair as I wanted”

Anne found Biocoiff’ on the internet and came to see us to make her coloration without fear.

Vanessa’s “before and after” at Biocoiff.

Vanessa is a young client who came at the salon to get an organic hair color. Expecting since a few months, after damaging hair with chemical experiments, she had chosen to go organic during her pregnancy.


Recommendation in Denmark: Pregnant women must avoid chemical hair colors.

La décoloration et la grossesse

A less known question in France, very few medias actually highlight the potential danger but in northern Europe. In Denmark for instance, women are given a list of three useful advices to reduce the potential dangers of chemical exposure during pregnancy these are:

  • Don’t dye your hair during pregnancy.
  • Reduce cosmetic products during pregnancy.
  • Avoid contact with paint and other aerosol spray products.

This advice is to be taken seriously, adding to the already existing list of things to avoid during pregnancy :

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Interview of a gynecologist client.

Huguette is a regular customer at our salon. As a licenced gynecologist, she accepted to answer our questions while she was getting her hair done.
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