Brushing is much more than a simple daily gesture, it is essential for the health of the hair and scalp. To enjoy all the benefits of brushing, it is important to choose an accessory that respects the hair. How to choose the right wood brush?


The importance of hair brushing

Brushing your hair, morning and night, may seem like a harmless act.

However, one should not underestimate its importance and benefits.

Brushing is essential for healthyhair.

Brushing hair is also a great way to spread the oil that has accumulated at the roots throughout the hair.

The hair is nourished and protected, and becomes softer, more supple and shiny.

Finally, brushing allows you to detangle, remove dead hair, and rid your hair of all the dirt, dust and impurities of the day.


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Use a quality wooden hairbrush

To avoid damaging your hair and making it electric, do not use metal or plastic hairbrushes.

Also, a poor quality accessory can quickly damage the hair.

A wooden hairbrush with wooden spikes is the best choice for gentle detangling, with the added benefit of a small scalp massage.

Wood is a natural material that prevents hair breakage.

It is also a good way to do something for our beloved planet.

There are also brushes without products of animal origin for vegan enthusiasts.

You can therefore choose the bamboo brush from Biocoiff'.


choose bamboo wood brush vegan


Biocoiff's eco-friendly wooden hairbrushes

Biocoiff' ecological hairbrushes are made of bamboo wood.

The latter is an antistatic and hypoallergenic material.

The Biocoiff' bamboo hair brush is ideal for long hair, for morning and evening styling.

It has a good grip thanks to its wooden handle.

It has an air hole to provide flexibility.

The wooden spikes with rounded ends massage the scalp and promote hair growth.

If you are concerned about our animal friends, you should know that Biocoiff' ecological brushes are free of animal hair.

Supplied with a linen pouch, the brushes can be taken anywhere.

To take care of the hair of the whole family, get the Biocoiff' bamboo brushes available in different sizes: small and large.