To maintain yourcoloring , no special care is required. As for maintenance, all you need to do isadopt a few simple gestures and choose suitable hair care products, in particular organic shampoo for coloured hair.


The action of a coloring on the hair

coloring is a 100% natural dye with no chemical components in its formula, which makes it completely different from coloring .

A coloring that is 100% vegetable-based is distinguished by its gentle composition. It is obtained frompowdered plant extracts such as henna,indigo and turmeric.

It is highly appreciated for its non-aggressive action, as it does not open the hair scales to allow the pigments to penetrate color.

The vegetable dye acts only on the surface of the hair, coating and dyeing from the outside.


vegetal hair color


This operating principle provides many benefits for the care of fiber .

The hair is best treated with natural ingredients and dyes that moisturize and coat the fiber hair.

This makes the hair softer, fuller and, above all, more radiant.

In addition, the hair is protected from damage by the protective sheath formed around it.

The coloring 100% plant-based gives a more natural look to the color. And when the hair grows back, there are no visible lines.

For all these reasons, this dye requires much less maintenance than other dyes.

However, it is important to choose the right shampoo to make the magic last.


Choosing an organic shampoo for your coloring and coloured hair

Avoid chemical shampoos full of sulphates, parabens, silicone, etc.

These are harmful to the hair.

Also, by using such products your color will be denatured and this will remove the protective sheath and shine provided by the coloring plant.

Of course, it is then necessary to select a certified organic and natural shampoo.

detangling shampoo

It would make more sense to choose an organic shampoo after your coloring , as it also contains natural ingredients.

It is perfectly suited to respect your coloured hair. In addition, it helps to preserve our environment.

Tip: wash your hair 2-4 days apart to keep the shine of your color plant-based for even longer.


Choose Biocoiff' certified organic shampoos made for coloring

Natural, certified organic and vegan, Biocoiff' shampoos are suitable for caring for hair coloured with a coloring .

They have been carefully formulated with gentle formulas to revive the shine of your color.

They are enriched with natural active ingredients combined with plants to meet the needs of each hair type.

thin hair, dry hair or greasy hair, Biocoiff' has various organic shampoos.

You will surely find the perfect product for your coloured hair.

If you want to try and see how effective Biocoiff' products are, you can easily find them on the official website and in all their hair salons.

To guide you in your choice, here are some examples of Biocoiff' organic shampoos with their respective properties:

  • Tea Tree to regulate the sebum of oily hair;
  • Aloe Vera to moisturise and strengthen coloured and dehydrated hair;

Biocoiff' organic shampoo

  • Calendula to nourish and moisturise dry hair;
  • Nettle to give volume to thin hair ;
  • etc.

Now you know how to keep your color plant effect bright, so go ahead!

And to fix your color , opt for a pack with an organic conditioner from the same range.