biocoiff organic shampoos Biocoiff’s shampoos :

Used for many years in the Parisian hair salon Biocoiff by Charley, they are perfect for professional use in a hair salon as well as for daily usage at home. Today, they are available at many points of sale in France and at the online boutique.

A line covering every hair type: dry, oily, thin, dehydrated, for growing hair, a detangler conditioner and a color anchor (ideal after organic hair coloring).

Ingredient choices were thoroughly made to lead to healthy and efficient formulas: 6 plants, 6 shampoos, 6 needs. Presenting Charley’s line:

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Presenting a clip of Biocoiff’ line by Charley (founder of Biocoiff’) :

Shampoo line

Herbals : for every hair type, gentle shampoo, perfect for kids.

Calendula : nourishing, perfect for thin and weak hair.

Aloe Vera : moisturizing, perfect for dry and dehydrated hair.

Nettles : gaining volume, perfect for flat and soft hair.

Tea tree : the cleanser, perfect for oily hair and dandruff.

Conditioner : to untangle and hydrate hair, to anchor the color.

Get to know the latest addition to the line : the tulipwood balm


Presenting a clip of Biocoiff’ line :

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