Partnering with a south France laboratory, Charley has scrupulously chosen the ingredients in the making of colors and shampoos for his clients at the Parisian salon. The ingredients are of course natural and petrochemistry free and everyone may analyze the component list and judge the quality themselves. These products are proving themselves everyday for Biocoiff’s clients.


Colors used at Biocoiff are mixtures of plant powders prepared on the spot and specific to each and every client. Following the diagnosis effectuated at the 1st appointment, the formula is produced in our “laborganic” and applied on the hair with an exposure time either under the heat, or the ozone steamer. These organic hair colors are Biocoiff’s specialty. For those not living anywhere nearby Paris, there is the Biocoiff’ color box



Herbals : for every hair type, gentle shampoo, perfect for kids.

Calendula : nourishing, perfect for thin and weak hair.

Aloe Veramoisturizing, perfect for dry and dehydrated hair.

Nettles : gaining volume, perfect for flat and soft hair.

Tea tree : the cleanser, perfect for oily hair and dandruff.

Conditionerto untangle and hydrate hair, to anchor the color.

biocoiff organic shampoos



-Aloe Vera hair gel : to stiffen hair into style.

Rosewood balm : that little wonder by Biocoiff is a deep treatment for dry and broken hair (ideal after long chemical color usage).

Rosewood balm by Biocoiff


Biocoiff’ products are for sale at the salon, 19 place Jeanne d’Arc. For clients living away from Paris and Ile de France, Biocoiff products can be shipped. Visit the online boutique.

We also offer to ship the color Box for people wanting to do their color at home.

Coloration naturelle
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